Nope, you’re not seeing double!

Brooke came home from the hospital on Wednesday afternoon!

Today was markedly easier than yesterday thanks to the following:

1) Renting a car so I didn’t have to stress about not having A/C (which gave us the time we needed for the shop to finally fix it!)

2) I had no obligations today, so I was able to stay home (in my PJs) Caught up on all the laundry (baby clothes/blankets) and all the dishes (baby bottles/nipples), and even managed to do some household cleaning. Success!

My sister should be walking in the door any minute.

Thank goodness, too, because although I feel like I may have tackled some of the household stuff, there are PLENTY of errands I need to be running that I can enlist her help with since the babies are too young to be going out in public just yet. Oh – and I have Miss Brooke’s pediatrician appointment tomorrow. Remember how it took me 2 hours to get out of the house when it was just me and Bailey? Yeah….wonder what it will be like with two! Glad to have some extra help through the weekend!

More pictures of my adorable kiddos:

sleepy girls!

a handfull! : )