Day 1 (Monday):

We bring home Bailey at about 4:00pm. By 6:00pm I’m brewing a pot of coffee and calling for takeout because there’s no way I can find the time to make anything for dinner!

Night 1:  Not too bad for our first night. Got about 4 hours of sleep (3 hours in one chunk + 1 hour at a separate time). Most of the sleeplessness was due to US and not Bailey. You know all those cute little noises babies make while they sleep? Every single noise made me jump. But then when she would go too long without a noise I’d jump up anyway to make sure she was still breathing. It’s a learning process, but I know we’ll get better.

Day 2 (Tuesday):

Holy crap. This day was jam-packed FULL of absolutely necessary obligations that could not be altered (that had been established prior to finding out Bailey was coming home). Lots of stress. Lots of juggling when I was getting home so Chris could leave to take care of things, when he was getting home so I could leave to take care of things, etc. Meanwhile, Bailey was no problem at all. She’s such a happy baby!

I even managed to throw together a pretty nice little meal for dinner:  BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, and baked beans. The crock pot was truly the star of the show! (and another cup of coffee)

Night 2: Better (and worse) than night #1. Better because I managed to sleep more soundly (already getting used to sleeping baby noises!!) – I slept for about 5 hours (3 hours at one time and 2 hours at another time). Worse only because I am more tired than Night #1. Now the sleepiness is compounding. Still loving this little girl, though!

Day #3 (Wednesday): First time trying to leave the house WITH Bailey in-tow = total, utter failure!

Our car A/C went out two days ago (the day we brought Bailey home from the hospital – go figure!) Given that we live in Arizona and its summer time, this is something that absolutely MUST be remedied ASAP! Chris took off yesterday to fix it, but it needs to be taken to a car place for a simple flush before its back to normal. Sounds easy enough, right?

I spent 2 hours (TWO HOURS) trying to leave the house with Bailey this morning to go to a car place. By the time everything was “set” and we were finally ready to leave, I realized we didn’t even have time to do the car thing because we also have a pediatrician appointment this afternoon and I need time to come home between the errands to feed and change Bailey. If I’d gone to the car place I wouldn’t have time to get everything done so we could go to the pediatrician in time.

So I had to call Chris and ask him to leave work early to come help me with the car situation so I’m not driving around a baby in 100+ degree heat with no A/C at mid-day.

So that’s where we’re at.

My sister flies in tomorrow to help out for a couple days (THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!) and hopefully Brooke will be coming home in that time-frame, too!

I know it’s going to get harder before it gets any easier…..but it does eventually get easier, right???