Hey, remember that time when I went to the ER because I got my period?

Yup, that totally happened today.

You can’t make this stuff up folks.


When I was discharged from the hospital 4 weeks ago, I was given some instructions regarding the bleeding.

I was told the bleeding could last up to 6 weeks. That it would start out heavy and bright red, but that the flow would reduce over time and turn a darker red. Above all, I was told that if something varied from this pattern (that if the bleeding went from dark red to bright red, or if it went from a light flow to a suddenly heavy flow, etc.) that it was NOT NORMAL and I needed to GO TO THE ER IMMEDIATELY!!!

Well, my bleeding totally followed the typical pattern. And then it completely ceased about a week ago.

Then today all of the sudden I experienced a sudden “gush” of blood. I went to the bathroom and saw a clot in the toilet. I freaked out, thought I was having a hemorrhage and had Chris drive me immediately to the ER.

Five hours, 2 doctors, 2 ultrasounds, 1 pelvic exam, 1 IV of saline solution, and a bunch of blood work later…..the doctors diagnosed me with having a menstrual cycle. Yes. For real.

As stupid as I felt, the doctors praised me for coming in immediately because of my high-risk history, the fact that I saw an actual clot, etc. Also, this certainly wasn’t like the beginning of any normal menstrual cycle I’ve ever had before. And the fact that it’s resumed so soon after having the babies, particularly when I’m breast-feeding and pumping, is somewhat unusual (but certainly not unheard of).

So that’s how I spent much of my day today.

Hope yours was better than mine!


*This is all very tongue and cheek, but in all honesty I am very happy that all I had was a period and not anything worse!!!*