Yesterday was a birthday of sorts for the girls. It marked their 36th week (gestational age). It was also the day that was supposed to be their actual birthday. Assuming I hadn’t previously gone into labor, I was scheduled to be induced on July 20th.

For some reason I’d also had it stuck in my head that Friday would be the day Brooke would come home. She’s been *thisclose* for about a week now, and last Friday I told my family that if had to bet, I’d bet Brooke would be home by Friday. By yesterday. Obviously that didn’t happen.

Instead, Bailey has caught up with Brooke. Now they’re pretty much on the same page. Just *thisclose* to coming home. At this point we’re just waiting for the “spells” to stop. Remember that a spell is a temporarily high/low heart rate or oxygen saturation level. For the past week each girl has been experiencing approximately ONE “spell” per day. They have to go 72 hours without any spells before they can come home so the single spell per day routine has been quite trying for Chris and me.

I’m so hopeful everyday for them. They’re doing great in absolutely every regard. Nurses keep saying it will be soon. And yet…..the stupid spells don’t stop. It’s driving me crazy. Monday marks 4 weeks since their birth. Four L-O-N-G weeks of practically living in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

I’m again reminded how lucky I am that the girls were born during summer. As a graduate student, I really don’t get any maternity leave, but summer “vacation” allows me so much more flexibility in my schedule than the regular academic year. What would women do who have a traditional maternity leave (typically 4-6 weeks in the US)??? If they were in a similar situation, they would have practically burned through their entire maternity leave before their children were even able to go home!!!

I try to find the silver lining instead of focusing on the negative (because its far too easy to focus on the negatives). At this point, it looks like the girls will probably get to come home together rather than coming home at separate times. I think this will probably be better for them. They’ve been sleeping in the same crib at the NICU and I really think they already have some special “twin connections” (I’ll write about that at another point), so I think it’s probably best for them to be kept together.

At any rate….Happy would-be Birthday, girls.

And welcome to your Fifth week of life! Let’s hope this is the week that you’ll finally get to come home!