So I survived my first projectile poop explosion yesterday.

Little Bailey waited until RIGHT when I took her diaper off to literally SHOOT poop across the room. I’m not even exaggerating…the girl got air! By the time things were said and done, the poop had traveled about 2 feet. It covered enough terrain that the single poop shoot managed to ruin her outfit, her blanket, the changing table, the entire package of wipes (because the poop got into the package), a medicated tube of diaper rash cream, and it even traveled beyond the confines of the changing table and onto the floor of the NICU.

It was absolutely disgusting. I almost vomited, but I was laughing too hard.

And then she did the most adorable thing ever. She started sucking her little thumb (the first time I’d witnessed this).

She’s lucky she’s so dang cute!!!