Last week I had a short chat with a colleague and friend – someone who had also had a daughter in the very same NICU where my daughters are currently living.

We were discussing the routine – buzzing to be let in, sanitizing hands, etc.

He asked me how much longer we had until the girls could come home and I gave the usual response:  “They won’t tell me for sure, but probably around the last week of July or first week of August.” He nodded, knowingly, because – of course – the doctors and nurses don’t like to make any promises and always err on the side of caution. But then, he told me that I would know we were “close” when we started being asked certain questions. Things like, “Have you taken any of the parenting classes?” “Have you had the car seat installed and inspected”, etc.

And just on Saturday it seemed as though our girls had turned a corner of some sorts. They’ve been progressing this whole time, but starting Saturday they started really “getting” things. They’re doing awesome with eating on their own, are having fewer and fewer “spells”, and are doing great gaining weight (finally back to their birth weights!)

And then on Sunday AND again on Monday, we started getting the questions! First they asked about our pediatrician (which they have to have on file before the girls can come home). Then the doctors asked about our car seat installation and insisted we actually bring the car seats in so they could personally inspect and ensure they were safe for preemies (they passed inspection!).

I was positively giddy. This means we’re getting very close!

I’m hoping (while trying not to get my hopes too high) that we’ll have at least 1 baby home by the weekend (note that its likely they will not come home at the same time, so that’s why I say 1 baby instead of both babies!) We’ll see!!!!