I’ve often heard new parents talk about being in “survival mode” for the first few weeks, though I never really understood what that meant.

I think I do now.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure things will become much more difficult when we actually have both girls at home and I’m here, alone during the day while Chris works, and trying to figure everything out by myself. (and i’m sure you’ll hear me talk write about how difficult it is at that time).

But hear me out….

My entire day revolves around the girls. My #1 priority is being there for their feedings. My #2 priority is pumping breast milk around the clock so I can keep them nourished. Everything else in life (i.e., showering, eating, writing thank-you notes for all the incredibly generous gifts, etc.) falls into a distant 3rd place.

Because of the nature of the girls’ feeding and my pumping schedule, I never have more than about 2 hours at a time where I may be “free” (and typically I only have one 2-hour block of time per day). I use this time to run errands (go to bank, pick up something from Target), do household chores (do laundry, do dishes), take a nap (only on the most blessed days) OR do some miscellaneous work.

All week long I’ve been trying to do some school work. All. week. long. But things kept coming up. In the end, I managed to do some school work on ONE out of the past FIVE days.

The rest of the days????

I’m just trying to survive. Staying just *thisfar* ahead of whatever is urgently needed to be done.

How is this even possible, given that the girls aren’t even home yet?!?

It kind of blows my mind.

And scares me a little. About the future. About how we’ll “survive” when things get a whole lot more real as the girls are brought home.

Scares me. And excites/thrills me.

I know it will be a challenge. But I really can NOT wait!!!!