I was looking through my phone and found a nice mix of random pregnancy/baby-related photos. They don’t really fit into any “theme,” so I’m just going to give you a good old fashioned photo dump! : )

This was about 2 days before I delivered. At one point this shirt had been “loose” but by my 32nd week of pregnancy it looked like a white-trash belly shirt! (Incidentally, it finally fits again now….but it’s not very conducive to nursing so I still haven’t worn it).

This is me in the hospital, getting my non-stress test while hooked up to an IV. I got these same non-stress tests twice a week every week but had never taken a picture, so I wanted to document what it looked like. At the time, I still believed I would be going home in a few short hours (and NOT that I’d be delivering babies by that same evening!!!)

My last picture as a pregnant woman! I honestly didn’t even remember this photo being taken until I looked through my phone and found it. I look excited, but I think I was slightly terrified!

Chris in his get-up. Remember how my surgery kept getting pushed back further and further? The nurses made a huge deal about getting Chris all ready, but then we ended up waiting another 3 hours. Boredom set in and this happened (below):

Lazing about watching TV. Yeah, we’re gonna have some babies today. No big deal. : )

Pretty flowers!!

Sooo sleepy!!!

The girls – “reunited and it feels so good!!!”

This is what I find when I walk into the girls’ room. Chris has dressed the teddy bears in the girls’ polo outfits. Obsessed, much? ; )