The girls have been doing so well! I can’t believe its only been two weeks since they were born! It feels like so much longer. They’ve made so much progress in these two short weeks that I can’t help but get my hopes up that they’ll be coming home soon (of course, it will likely still be another 3-4 weeks).

The girls have gone from being intubated (for breathing purposes) and on IVs to simply having nasal cannula to receive a little oxygen, then having all tubes (both cannula and IVs) removed.

They dropped quite a bit of weight the first week and a half, but are now on the gaining side. Brooke = 3lb. 7 oz., Bailey = 4lb. 1 oz. (still down from their birth weight, but up quite a bit from their lowest weights)

Their feeds have increased from 4mL each to 30mL and 32mL, respectively.

They have gone from getting 100% of their feeds through a feeding tube down their throats (a gavage)  to having 25% of their feeds from bottled breast milk and yesterday – for the first time ever – we actually had some success with “actual” breastfeeding!

They have also been doing quite well maintaining their body temperature. This is the only criteria before they can move to a bassinet, rather than the isolette. In fact, yesterday we were told that if all continues to go well they will likely be moved to bassinets within the next 2-3 days!!!

I’m absolutely thrilled with their progress! I cannot believe how much bigger, stronger, and healthier they look every day and I just hope that their progress continues at this great rate with no set backs!

The requirements before they can come home:

  • 100% of their feeds through a bottle or from breast feeding (working on it! Lots of progress made)
  • Maintain their own body temperature without the help of an isolette (we’ll be there soon!)
  • Gain weight (we’re already doing this!!!)
  • No “spells” (i.e., momentary drops in heart rate or oxygen saturation; we’re doing good here, too, though the doctor suspects this will probably be the last thing we’ll be working on before being released)

It’s so hard because – on one hand – I do NOT want to get my hopes up because I don’t want to be sad/upset if we have a “slow day” or any setbacks occur along the way. On the other hand, I can’t help but get my hopes up because they’re doing so well and it just feels natural to be optimistic that they’ll be coming home soon.

They were two weeks old yesterday – Monday July 9th. Who knows where they’ll be in another 2 weeks – by Monday July 23rd? Feels like we’ll be on the very verge of being HOME for good!

Can’t wait!!!