There’s not really a “story” or anything behind our girls’ names but there is some meaning to them.

As a reminder – Brooke Leigh Jordan and Bailey Nicole Jordan

The first names:

I’ll preface this by saying that I know how corny/cheesy this is. I know this. And I don’t care. : )

My name, Ashley, starts with an “A.” Chris’ name starts with a “C.” I really wanted our first child’s name to start with a “B.” It would be a symbolic thing that ties us together for life (as if our wedding vows weren’t enough, lol). If you’ll recall, I’ve written about how early during pregnancy we were hoping for a boy (for shame!) At that time, I really liked the name Blake.

Then we found out we were having not one, but TWO girls. I didn’t know if I wanted to stick with the “B” theme. Obviously, in the end, we decided to stay with “B” names. We ended up picking Brooke and Bailey simply because we liked the names – not a lot of deeper meaning them. However, Chris’ grandma recently pointed out that in addition to both starting with a “B,” Brooke and Bailey both have 6 letters:  3 consonants and 3 vowels. Already they are so alike and yet they are unique individuals as well!

The middle names:

We really wanted to give them middle names that in some way payed tribute to our mothers. Unfortunately, both of our Moms have “M” names (Monica and Melonie). I knew our girls were already going to have to live with the initials “BJ.” They’re going to be the BJ sisters, poor thing! Hopefully no little children know/understand what “BJ” stands for, so hopefully this won’t be an issue until middle school days. At any rate, one day they’ll get married and if they decide to take their husbands’ last names they’ll get a new last initial. However, I did NOT want my girls to have to deal with “BM” as their first & middle initials. They’re already stuck with BJ….no need to throw BM into the mix.

So what to do?

Monica (Chris’ Mom) was easy. Her middle name is Leigh. I liked the sound of Brooke Leigh (even though it sounds semi like broccoli). I think its adorable. So Brooke Leigh it was.

Bailey was a little more difficult. My mom doesn’t have a middle name. So the brainstorming began. And in the end we decided we loved the ring that Bailey Nicole had to it. Nicole is my younger sisters’ middle name. My sister and I are quite close – I would even consider her my best friend. She was the Maid of Honor at my wedding and I will be the same for her at her upcoming wedding. By using the name “Nicole,” I was getting multiple meanings out of the name. Not only does it honor my sister, but also my mother (who picked the name “Nicole” for my sister).

Additional Meaning

Furthermore, all throughout my pregnancy I referred to Brooke as “Daddy’s Girl” and Bailey and “Momma’s Girl.”

Chris was the only person to ever feel Brooke kick, aside from me. Brooke was very inactive compared to Bailey. She did a lot of sleeping and lazing about. She was also larger for almost the entire duration of my pregnancy (until the very last week….and Bailey ended up being born slightly heavier than Brooke). In general, though, those personality traits matched her Daddy. (Note:  Don’t get me wrong – Chris is by no means “lazy”….but he sure does enjoy lazing about in his spare time, lol).

Bailey, by contrast, was always wiggle-worming about. She was quite active and was generally smaller. We joked that she was smaller because she was always exercising – one of my favorite pre-pregnancy past times, and that she would surely be a soccer player (because of all her kicks), or would at least be into some type of sport. These personality traits match up with me.

It’s probably only because I’ve had this dichotomy in my head, but their postpartum personalities continue to match up with Chris and me, respectively. Brooke has increased her feedings more rapidly. She does more sleeping, and is less active. Brooke is more high-maintenance. She’s still wiggle-worming about and is very curious about the world around her.

Although it wasn’t really “planned,” Brooke (Daddy’s girl) ended up as Monica’s namesake. Bailey (Momma’s girl) ended up as my Mom’s namesake.

I can’t wait to see how their personalities continue to develop. But already, I’m loving their names! : )