See more pictures from just the first couple days of life here.

Cuddling with Bailey

Exhausted, but happy!

Daddy and Brooke

Momma and Bailey

Bailey during feeding time. A rare shot with her eyes open!

Mom and Burrito-Brooke

Bailey during feeding time. The nasal cannula (the oxygen going to the nose) is always there, but the tube in the mouth is only inserted during feeding times because she hasn’t developed enough yet to suck and swallow on her own. Eventually, both tubes will be gone! : )

a picture of an “isolette,” in case you’ve never seen one and don’t know what it is. They each have their own and right now it’s their home, but when they get a little bigger and stronger they’ll be moved to more of a bassinet-type bed.

Bailey’s first time in an outfit 7/2/2012. It’s a “preemie” size and still absolutely swallows her!

She’s sooo alert! She looks all around and really directs her gaze toward any noise she hears. What color will her eyes be??? Sometimes I think they might be blue, other times I think hazel or brown. Only time will tell!!!

Full outfit. She’s got an “adorable” sign on the front and a little picture of a monkey on her butt. : )

Brooke close-up (with sleepy eyes)

Bailey under the lights. Both her and Brooke needed to be under the lights to treat for jaundice for 2 days and while there, they had to wear these masks to protect their eyes. Brooke didn’t mind, but Bailey HATED the mask! Poor thing would always tug at it – she likes having her eyes open! At this point neither of them are under the lights anymore. They’re making good progress! : )