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So when we left off, I was just being wheeled back to the Operating Room in the 8:00 pm hour on Monday June 25th.

As soon as we found out we were having the girls on Monday, our phones were ringing off the hook. My sister Brittany (an RN), was calling the hospital to check with the nurses regarding my vitals, people were sending their well-wishes, and family was DYING to find out when we were actually going to be having our girls.

We had promised to text/call a “short list” of about 8 people regarding when, exactly, we were going to the OR. Since we’d continued being pushed back further and further, we stopped telling people “it will be in 45 minutes” and decided we would just have Chris send a mass text when I was actually getting prepped in the OR.

So I got wheeled back to the OR for prep while Chris had to wait outside. During this time I was given a spinal block. It’s amazing how quickly the spinal took effect. They gave it to me while I was in an upright-seated position and by the time they helped me lay down, my butt was totally numb. I had a fantastic nurse who held my hand during the spinal – not only was I terrified of the long needle, it also hurt like Hell and I had to remain completely still while it was administered.

Next thing they did was lay me down and move my legs to a “butterfly” position….basically I had to put my feet sole-to-sole, with the knees lying open splayed to either side. In this position they inserted a catheter (my first ever – glad I was numb!) and they cleaned my stomach for the incision. Finally, a sheet was raised so I couldn’t see what was happening and Chris was brought into the OR and seated next to my head, holding my hand.

I immediately asked Chris if he’d sent the mass text about me being prepped in the OR for surgery. I don’t know what he’d been doing during those 10-15 minutes that it took for the prep to be complete, but I assume he was in some state of shock because even after the 500+ phone calls and non-stop communication, he somehow forgot to send that text. Oh well – it was too late – and we knew the surgery would be over soon enough so people were just going to have to wait for an update.

Within 2 minutes of bringing Chris into the room, the first incision was made. It was the craziest sensation I’ve ever felt before. I couldn’t feel any pain, but I could feel all of the tugging/pulling sensations. I was absolutely shocked by the feelings of it all. I could literally feel them cutting through layers – first my skin, next my uterus, etc., and I could feel them tugging – pulling my skin apart so they could reach in and yank out “Baby A” (Bailey). As soon as they did, the doctor shouted to Chris, “Baby A is out. Dad, would you like to see Baby A?” I feel like this was almost a “trick” question because, of course, Chris’ answer was a resounding “YES!!!” But then, rather than hold up Bailey for us to see, the doctor instructed Chris to stand up and look over the sheet.

If you don’t know Chris the one thing you should understand is how weak-stomached he is. When we thought I was going to have a vaginal birth he thought he might have to stay in the waiting room like in the “Olden Days” because he didn’t think he could handle it. So when the surgeon instructed him to stand and look over the divider at our just-born infant I thought he was going to faint. Somehow, he managed to do so without passing out, though he looked a little shaken as he sat back down next to me again. The NICU team immediately took Bailey over to the side of the OR to make sure she was okay. They told me to look in their direction and they held her up for us to see for approximately 2 seconds before they started working on her. I started crying from the emotion of it all and just stared in her direction, even though the team of doctors completely hid her from my view.

One minute later the doctor announced that Baby B (Brooke) was out, and again the NICU team quickly rushed her to the side of the room., only holding her up for fractions of a second for us to see before they started their work. I continued crying. After what felt like a lifetime (though it was probably 5 minutes or less), someone from the infant-side of the room asked, “Dad – would you like to hold your babies?”  I took this is a very good sign – knowing that they wouldn’t let Chris hold them if they were in critical condition. Chris, of course, replied that he wanted to hold them! Someone from the baby team brought over Bailey , all bundled up, for Chris to hold – though only for about 30 seconds. Next, he was able to hold Brooke for about 30 seconds. I never got to hold or even touch either of the babies, but I got to see them up-close while Chris was holding them.

Then just as quickly as they were born, they were rushed to the NICU and Chris and I were left in the OR while I was being stitched up. I tried to calm myself, though the tears kept flowing. The surgeon was talking to the other doctors about her 9-year-old daughters’ stay at Soccer Camp. Apparently the kid wanted to come home and the surgeon told her she had to stay there. It was all so surreal. Obviously they perform these surgeries all the time and its super-routine for them, but it felt quite surreal to have just had our babies born and to be listening to the doctors discuss their kids’ summer camp schedules.

Bailey Nicole Jordan, born 6/25/2012 at 8:55 pm, weighing 4 lb. 3 oz., 16.5 inches

Brooke Leigh Jordan, born 6/25/2012 at 8:56pm, weighting 3 lb. 10 oz., 16 inches

But although the babies were born and were doing well, considering their small statures and premature birth age, I wasn’t out of the woods yet. The doctors were worried I could start having seizures and my vitals continued to alarm them (particularly my high blood pressure). So the story isn’t done yet….

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