Before getting pregnant, I had all these grandiose ideas of what pregnancy would be like.

Throughout my life I’d seen cute little pregnant ladies in pretty little sundresses and how they were constantly catered to and thought that pregnancy would probably be fun….the hard part comes after the pregnancy, right?

Turns out, pregnancy has been NOTHING like what I’d imagined. Of course, the experience is different for everyone and I don’t know how much I can attribute to my own individual differences from others as opposed to the difference between singleton versus twin pregnancy. But either way, here’s my list of pregnancy:  expectations and realities.

Expectation: I’d be a cute little pregnant lady

Reality:  There are a LOT of parts of pregnancy that are NOT cute! Can we talk about the teenage-like acne that I’ve had for the past 6 months? Sooooo not okay. And its not confined to my face, either….I’ve got it on my chest, too (and maybe my back – who knows? I can’t even see it!) I’ve written about some of the ugly and weird things about pregnancy here.

Expectation:  I’d be active throughout the entire duration of my pregnancy. Like one of those ladies who have made the news recently – running into their 9th month of pregnancy!

Reality:  As much as I love running, I completely stopped running only 3 months into pregnancy. I continued walking for exercise, doing exercise videos, and going to the school gym on occasion.  But by about 7 months, pretty much all forms of exercise had ceased. I still do the occasional prenatal “gentle” yoga video – but its really more like stretching than exercising. For the most part, I’ve completely fallen off the exercise bandwagon – really due to medical necessity. It’s not what I’d wanted or hoped for, but it’s what has happened so I can continue to carry the twins for as long as possible without going into preterm labor.

Expectation:  I would love pregnancy!!!

Reality: Ummmmm… I a terrible person if I say….not-so-much!?!? Don’t get me wrong – there are some pretty cool parts of pregnancy (e.g., people really do cater to you! and feeling the little kicks from inside is pretty crazy/amazing!), but there are just so many parts that are literally a PAIN! Which leads me to my next expectation….

Expectation:  Pregnancy would be easy-breezy!

Reality:  Are you kidding me? Could NOT be further from the truth!!! First, I spent months (literally – MONTHS!) being physically ill and monumentally exhausted! A whole new perspective on being “sick and tired.” Then I had about 2 months of it being not-so-bad before I was thrust back into the pregnancy blahs! At this point, walking makes me out-of-breath. Seriously….even standing is uncomfortable. There’s so much downward-pressure from the girls’ weight that I feel I’ve gotta sit down after less than 2 minutes! And you should see me walk! Maybe I’ll get Chris to take a video sometime. I mean, I basically waddle like a duck. I try to walk straight when I’m in public, but it literally hurts! It’s pretty terrible.

Expectation:  I’d have a single, healthy, low-risk baby at the end of it all.

Reality:  We’ve got a 2-for-1 special! Unfortunately, that catapults me into the “high risk” category and dashes any hopes of a “low-risk” pregnancy and birth.

Expectation:  After my whole healthy, low-risk pregnancy, I’d expected to have a fully natural (unmedicated) childbirth.

Reality: Now I get to have a c-section! Wahoo (*sarcasm*)!!! Really though, looking on the bright-side, I’m so glad that I know about the c-section ahead of time. I think so much of the initial shock has now worn off. If it had been sprung on me last minute it would have been difficult for me to wrap my mind around. But since I’ve had months to mentally prepare myself (and to educate myself on c-sections, recovery, etc), I think I’m much better equipped to face it. And a lot of people say they prefer c-sections! Plus its what is safest for the girls, which is obviously my #1 concern, so it’s really a no-brainer.

Even though pregnancy has been NOTHING like what I’d imagined, it has been a whole life-changing experience. I really think it came at the perfect time in my life – where I have a flexible work and school schedule, Chris has a good job, and I’ve been able to really take it easy during the most difficult parts of pregnancy (e.g., the worst of the first-trimester illness occurred over Christmas break, and the worst of the third-trimester exhaustion is now happening over the summer!) I just can’t wait for the next part of this adventure (PARENTING) to begin!!!!