Most of the images I see of twin pregnancies have baby positions that are NOT what I’m currently experiencing (e.g., one head up, one head down). But I came across this picture and it actually looks semi-similar to how I imagine my babies are placed. Of course, this picture shows 2 placentas and I only have 1…and I think my babies are more side-by-side rather than front-and-back. But you get the idea…

Here’s what they supposedly look like at 32 weeks gestation:


This Week With The Girls

By this period in time, the girls look very much like newborns! Their organs are continuing to mature and they are passing water through their bladder (great practice for after birth!). Their hearing is much more developed – earlier in gestation they were better able to hear low-pitched noises, but now they are more carefully attuned to higher-pitched sounds.

This week also marks a big milestone for the girls! Preemies born after 32 weeks have the best chance of survival and the lowest risk of having long-term health complications (which are more common among earlier-born preemies).  Although if the girls were born today they’d still likely spend time in the NICU – perhaps needing help breathing, eating, and maintaining body temperature – generally the stay is relatively brief…a week or two, as opposed to months!

This week also marks the beginning of their decreased growth rate. Up until this point each baby was growing at the same rate as a singleton baby, but now they’ve run out of room in my uterus and as a result will be slower to add ounces to their little frames. (Source, source)

This Week With Momma (Me!)

Apparently at 32 weeks my uterus is the same size as that of a woman with a 40-week singleton baby! Also, fatigue is quite pronounced by this point  (ummm….fatigue was “quite pronounced” 3-4 weeks ago! haha). I’ve also started to experience some swelling (goodbye, wedding ring!). Many websites recommend going on maternity leave at this point (I’ll still be working….but predominantly from home so I can accommodate an afternoon nap, if needed) (Source, source).

Office Visit Update

Yesterday we had yet another doctors’ appointment. This one was quite positive, though! Their fluid looked good (it was a little low last time) and they passed the NST with flying colors. But, most exciting, we tentatively scheduled a C-Section date! As long as everything continues how it has been (i.e., as long as no problems creep up & I don’t naturally go into preterm labor), I’ll be scheduled to have my c-section on July 20th!!! T-minus 4 weeks!!!! Eeeek! Weights this week:  Brooke = 3lb 13 oz, Bailey = 4 lb 0 oz. That’s almost 8 lb of baby I’m carrying around!

32 Week Pregnancy Stats

I sent this pic to my fam and my sister pointed out that you can totally see my “outtie”! haha!

Weight Gain: + 49lbs. (I would like to note that the Dr. at yesterday’s appointment said my weight was “terrific”, thank you very much! Made me feel much better about the excessive gain!)

Aversions: none

Cravings: chili-cheese dogs….though I haven’t given in to this one.

Things I miss: Exercise! Although I’ve been enjoying a lot of lazing about and reading time, I really miss my former high-activity lifestyle. I hope it comes back quickly/easily after I heal from the c-section! I also miss cooking (who knew!?) It feels like such a chore now, and I have relied more & more on Chris to cook and have bought more than our fair share of pre-made Costco dinners. Although convenient, I miss the feeling of pulling out cookbooks and looking at recipes, planning out weekly meals, making grocery lists, trying new things, etc etc etc.

Things I’m looking forward to: I keep saying this, but I’m just looking forward to getting the girls here! Of course I want to keep them “baking” for as long as possible, but why can’t I just press fast-forward on the next couple of weeks and get this over with?! People laugh when I say this as if its an incredibly naiive way of thinking, but I feel prepared for the girls to be here. I know it will be hard, but at least I’ll have my body and my mobility back! It’s been crap to not be able to even walk for more than a block or two without being completely winded and needing a break!

Symptoms: in the last couple of weeks it feels like the girls are seriously about to slide out my lady-parts! My stomach still *looks* like it’s pretty high and they haven’t dropped yet, but I feel such pressure when I’m walking around that I feel like I constantly have to hold my belly to keep them in place. It feels like I’ve got a bowling ball between my legs so my outward-turned gait has become a full-on bowlegged walk. I seriously feel like I can’t squeeze my thighs together because there’s something in the way (even when I’m sitting)! In addition to it not being very lady-like, it’s also very uncomfortable!

Symptoms that I’m very grateful I DON’T have:  stretch marks (Thank you, genetics!!! Love you, Mom!!!!), piqued emotions (I was very emotional earlier in pregnancy, but this seems to have disappeared as well), constipation & hemorrhoids.

Baby Items Purchased:  Chris bought me a Baby Bjorn  after my babysitting experience (so now we have it in addition to the Moby Wrap). But we feel pretty well set on all the essential baby-gear. We’d like to buy a few baby toys and baby books, and we still want to get a little chest-freezer. But in terms of the “must haves” – I think we’re good!