Sometimes the sweetest compliment is also the least conventional.

Yesterday as I was changing into pajamas Chris got a good full-on view of my giant (and still growing) belly.

He commented that it looked “fake.” When I asked what he meant, he explained that my belly looked like a prosthetic because the rest of my body hadn’t changed at all and then I’ve just got this giant belly bump that looked out-of-place given the rest of my proportions.

After gaining almost 50 lbs during pregnancy and knowing how I’ve lost much of the muscle definition I used to have in my arms and legs, Chris’ comment about my “fake belly” totally made my day!

In other news…

Happy Father’s Day!!

We’re spending ours lazing about (Chris is currently napping after a big breakfast) and perhaps taking a trip to the bookstore to buy some baby books for the girls. Nice little Sunday. Hope yours is, too!