I generally like my posts to have some type of “theme” to them. But today, it’s nothing but randomness! Just go with it. ; )

Today marks 31 weeks of gestation!!

This morning I was craving a Chick-fil-A chicken biscuit and we happened to have a BOGO coupon, so Chris and I drove through before work. I got into work, opened up the bag with my chicken biscuit and hashbrowns, and grabbed a ketchup. I tried to squeeze the ketchup a little so it wouldn’t be all “separated” (you know – when the liquid gushes out before any real ketchup “substance” comes out??). And then THIS happened:

That’s ketchup, folks. It got all over my shirt (which – luckily – was pretty well hidden on the black), and all over my khaki shorts and leg. This is obviously a picture after I’d tried to wipe it off as best I could. Still….a huge red stain. Great way to start the day (this literally happened about 5 minutes after I got to work). I figure its good practice for being a Mom. I mean, I’m bound to be covered in spit-up, milk, poop/pee, etc. all the time soon, right???

Otherwise, the day went pretty well. I was quite productive and got a lot done. And then when I got home in the afternoon, a friend brought over this adorable desk she’d painted to look like The Little Prince. She’s got some serious talent!

Adorable, right? Chris has already helped move it into the girls’ room and we’ve got the girls’ dirty clothes hamper beneath it.

I haven’t moved stuff into the drawers yet, but I’m actually really glad to have a few extra drawers, because our dresser is currently packed with clothes. It will help to have a place for some “overflow” clothes….stuff like the hats, socks, shoes, etc. Thanks, Shannon!!!!

And, in other news, I had another doctors’ appointment yesterday.

Biweekly Update

This appointment was supposed to just be a quick Non-Stress Test (NST) and ultrasound to check the amniotic fluid level. We ended up being there for over 2 hours though! But, it was totally worth it considering what we got to have happen!!!!

So first was the NST. It took fooooorever. But we were rewarded with Green Apple Tootsie Roll Pops from the nurse (I had no idea green apple was even a flavor!? It must be new???) And the girls passed the test.

Then, we went for our ultrasound. This is usually a 5 minute process, but we ended up being in there for 30 minutes. No worries – nothing was wrong! Actually, it was pretty awesome! Apparently, the office we go to is upgrading their ultrasound equipment, so many of the ultrasound techs were being trained on some newer, higher-quality ultrasound machine. They quickly determined that the girls’ fluid levels looked good and asked it if was okay if they just “played around” with the machine on me for awhile. Ummmm…..extra time looking at my girls? Definitely!

The coolest thing was that the machine was equipped to do that fancy 3D/4D ultrasound stuff, so they switched us from 2D to the 4D!!! Chris and I had previously decided we didn’t really care to do a 4D ultrasound for a couple reasons.

  1. Neither of us felt strongly about it
  2. We have ultrasounds twice per week….no need for an extra appointment
  3. 4D = $$ (and not covered by insurance)

But, the difference in quality is totally night & day! They didn’t give us any pictures (*sad face*), but it was absolutely phenomenal to see little Bailey’s face (they couldn’t get Brooke due to her position)!!!! Chris exclaimed that it was like having a “real” baby (as opposed to the “skeletal” baby pictures that we’ve seen in the past). Here’s an example from the internet (NOT OUR BABY):

We could see her little eyes, nose, and mouth. It was fascinating since its so life-like! Plus, we could really tell how cramped it was for her in there! She kept hiding her face….not behind a hand or arm, but behind her feet!!! She was curled up in a little ball for a good deal of the time, occluding her face. It’s so incredible, though, because she looked totally “filled out.” I thought she’d still look quite thin, since I know she’s continuing to gain fat stores. I thought she might look gangly or something….but she looks like she’d be ready-to-go if she were born today!

Which is good, because I’ve continued to have contractions. No worries – still totally sporadic, though I’ve started being able to actually feel them. Generally I just know I’m having contractions because the NST test tells me I’m having them….but last night I had some painful ones! It was NOT pleasant. Made stuff get REAL!!!

Ready or not – it’s happening!  Hopefully we’ll be able to put it off for another 4 weeks or so… (I’m shooting for between 35-36 weeks, if possible).