Last week I got some great hands-on experience taking care of a “baby” (10-month-old) for a couple hours since the Mom was at work, Dad had a job interview, and normal sitter cancelled last minute.

This is certainly not nearly my first time babysitting (I even used to nanny for a newborn infant when living in Florida), but it’s my first time in a loooooong time, and my first time since being pregnant and really studying (aka: reading everything on the planet) about all the ins & outs of caring for a newborn.

And you know what? I think I did really well!

Granted, the whole experience lasted about 2 hours. And there were no feedings, no diaper changes, no spitting-up, etc. It was pretty easy.

But when said baby was first dropped off, I was told she would probably be irritable because it was her normal nap time, but that she surely wouldn’t go to sleep, either, because she was in a weird/new environment. The first 30 minutes or so I spent working on the computer and she contentedly played with various colored highlighters in my lap. Then she got cranky and I just *knew* it was from sleepiness (nevermind that I’d already been given the hint). Really, though.  When I used to nanny that Florida newborn, anytime she fussed I always had a plan of action (1) check diaper (2) go for the bottle and try to feed her and/or burp her….and that was pretty much it. But when I was looking at this fussy/crying baby, it was so apparent that all she needed was a nap, but she was also scared of her surroundings and didn’t want to be put down. So, I carried her to the recliner, sat with her nestled into my arm, and started rocking until she fell asleep while I read a book. Could not have gone better. We stayed that way for the next 90 minutes until her Dad came back to pick her up.

It was ideal! I’m hoping that I’ll learn my babies’ cues quickly so I know what they need – be it food, a nap, or just some lovin.’

Oh, also, this happened:

Remember my whole Ode to Baby-Carrying post?

She didn’t seem to care for it and I determined that I’m going to need more practice learning how to tie the thing. The whole time she was in it I continued to cradle her with my arms because I didn’t trust the wrap. I know its user-error on my part, but it made me consider buying a Baby Bjorn or something that’s already “done” so I don’t have to mess with the layers of fabric when I’ve got a fussy baby that I just want to be able to pop right in and go about my business. We’ll see. There are lots of baby carriers out there, so maybe I’ll buy another one. (Bonus:  Then when Chris and I are out we could each wear one baby).

Office Visit Update:

(These will happen a LOT. Remember, I go twice weekly now!)

Went into the doctor this morning and – happy to say – this was the fastest visit I’ve ever had! It was phenomenal – in and out in 1 hour! Both babies did great for the Non-Stress Test, and both of their fluid levels looked good! Way to go, girls – I love it when you make Mom’s life easy! They were still picking up contractions on my NST, but I couldn’t feel anything and the tech wasn’t at all alarmed. I guess this is normal, given the whole distended uterus thing. Anyways, that’s it. Happy Monday!