I’ve made it to the 30’s!! I want to jump for joy (don’t worry – I won’t!) I know I still have 7 weeks until I’m considered “full term” and there’s a good chance the girls will be preterm, but after Tuesday’s scary appointment it feels like a big deal to make it into the 30’s!

This Week with the Girls

This week will be important for the girls’ developing lungs and gaining fat stores. Lungs are obviously important for breathing, and the fat will help with temperature regulation after the girls are born. Each little ounce of fat the girls can gain, the better their prognosis should they be born prematurely (and the less time they’d have to spend in the NICU). In addition to the growing lungs and fat accumulation, the girls’ brains and bones continue to grow, too (Source, source). Meanwhile, their bodies are now in general newborn-proportions, their hands and feet are fully formed and they’re even developing little fingernails, gaining hair on their heads, and practicing blinking (Source). Cute!

At my growth check ultrasound on Thursday – things were looking GREAT! The girls have adequate amniotic fluid levels, and both are continuing to gain weight rapidly! Get this – Brooke now weighs 3 lb 10 oz, and Bailey weighs 3 lb 4 oz! (At their last growth check they weighed 2 lb 7 oz and 2 lb 9 oz, respectively, so they’ve been packing on the ounces!) They were both “practicing” breathing (their lungs expanding/contracting with amniotic fluid), which is a great sign of their developmental level! And it was just cute to see – there was a LOT of interaction between the two! There was some “fighting” – with little fist jabs being thrown. But, there was also some “hugging.” Brooke was nestled up to Bailey with her head tucked in Bailey’s neck area. I wish we could’ve gotten photos of it all, but it was difficult to make out (the tech had to explain what we were looking at). Kind of adorable!

Things I’ve noticed

  • Generally I’m quite used to Rocky’s barking. But one day this week he barked unexpectedly when we had a UPS guy at our door delivering a package. The bark startled not only me…I’m pretty sure it startled the babies because I felt a startle-response type of kick (a hard one) right when Rocky barked. So crazy that they can be startled by loud noises!
  • Pretty sure the relaxin has started pumping through my body. I feel like my legs may just fall off my body at the joints! I don’t know how else to describe it  – its a weird sensation! And I feel like my hips are widening. My gait is more turned out and I’m finding it very difficult to walk without waddling. In fact….walking, in general, is presenting some difficulty.
  • My belly is totally interfering with normal daily tasks at this point. When I stand at the sink to do dishes, I have to stand sideways or else I can’t reach. Ditto for doing laundry, brushing my teeth, etc. I also have to sit far away from the table at dinner because my stomach won’t allow me to “scoot” in. Pretty sure I’d have a hard time sitting in booths at restaurants, too. In general, my stomach is immense and I frequently forget just how big it is. I’m not used to it!!!

30 Week Pregnancy Stats

I spy Rocky’s nose….always curious about these weekly photo-sessions!

Holy Crap – check out the difference that just 10 weeks has made!










30 weeks on the left, 20 weeks on the right. Good Lord! No wonder I’m experiencing a distended uterus from all the rapid growth!

Weight Gain: + 45 lb.  I’m hoping that my weight-gain will slow soon, even as the girls continue to gain weight *fingers crossed*I know several people this happened with. I’m already having a difficult time finishing meals (there’s no room in my stomach!!), though – maybe weight-gain during pregnancy is genetic? I know my Mom gained 60 lb. during pregnancy with singletons! Yikes – that doesn’t bode well for me! I call myself “large and in charge,” but really I just feel massive. I was looking at pictures from our honeymoon the other day…and was totally depressed. My body 100% belongs to these babies right now. I’m doing my part to try to eat healthy, but I can’t really “exercise” as I’d like, so if the scale keeps going up….I guess that’s just what happens.

Aversions: none

Cravings: anything that I don’t have to cook myself! I’m generally so wiped out by the end of the day that the LAST thing I want to do is stand over the hot stove and cook something for dinner!

Things I miss: Generally I’ve been quite content during pregnancy. Chris and I are not big “drinkers” and don’t go out too frequently. But this weekend Chris wanted to go out with some of his friends and it was my first time realizing how socially inappropriate it would be for me to tag along (even though I obviously wouldn’t be drinking). I mean – huge pregnant lady at the bar?? Reminded me of THIS scene from Knocked Up

“You old, she pregnant…Can’t have a bunch of old, pregnant [ladies] running around, that’d be crazy!…. Why do you want to be in here anyway? Y’all need to be at a yoga class or something. That’s just bad parenting! Your old ass should know better than that!”

Things I’m looking forward to: I just want the next few weeks to hurry up. It’s so crazy because at the beginning of pregnancy I remember wishing that it would last longer than 9 months so I could have adequate time to “prepare.” Now, I’m so uncomfortable that I just want to press fast-forward on life and get the girls here NOW.

Symptoms: breathlessness, extreme back pain, frequent urination, lack of mobility, difficulty finishing meals (no stomach room), general exhaustion, heartburn, overheating, occasional (extremely severe!) leg cramps/charlie-horses…generally waking me up in the middle of the night, causing me to yelp out in pain & Chris to freak-out because he thinks I’m going into labor.

Baby Items Purchased: We finally got around to getting a Costco membership, and I think we’ve bought the last of the diapers and wipes that we’ll be purchasing before the girls get here. Seriously…I just peeked in the babies’ room and counted 1000 diapers still in boxes (not including the diapers that I’ve already unpacked & put away). Hopefully we won’t have to buy any for at least a couple months after the girls are born! We’re still looking on craigslist for a little chest-style freezer (for storing breast milk and pre-made dinners to eat while I’m unable to cook), but haven’t had much luck yet. The stuff that’s been posted is mostly garbage so we’re holding out to try to find something good. Still have 4-6 weeks until “D-Day” (delivery day), so we’ve got some time.