I’m planning a full “30 weeks” post this weekend, but I wanted to publish an update to my last office visit since it was a little scary.

So yesterday Chris and I spent almost 3 hours at the doctor’s office between all my appointments. In the one day I was scheduled for:

Even though I go twice per week, usually I only have the Non-stress test and a fluid check ultrasound. My visits have been averaging about 90-120 minutes, but on these longer visits (which occur every 2 weeks), I’m thinking 3 hours is going to be the “norm.” I need to remember this, because it WIPED ME OUT and I ended up having to cancel my afternoon appointments and take a nap to recover! There’s so much up & down, here & there, moving about and I know it sounds ridiculous (because we’re essentially talking about normal walking/movement), but it just took it out of me!

So there was some good news and some unexpected (but not necessarily bad) news.

The Good:

The amniotic fluid level looks better than last time! I was told at my last appointment that Bailey was only measuring at a “3” (I’m assuming this is a 1-10 scale), while Brooke was at a “7.” This time, Brooke was still at a 7, and Bailey’s fluid level had increased to a 4.5, which is totally in the fine/acceptable range. Hopefully all my hydrating and resting had some impact (who knows?)

The Unexpected:

The ultrasound was really tough on me this time. To get all the measurements that the tech needed she was really pushing in HARD on my stomach and had to do some “jiggling” to try to get the girls to move to more optimal positions. I totally understand why this is necessary, but afterwards, I was in significant pain. I was literally sitting, waiting for the rest of my appointments borderline-crying. If Chris hadn’t been with me, I probably would have cried just because the feeling was so foreign (I’ve never had this type of abdominal pain since being pregnant) and I didn’t  know what was going on. It just didn’t feel “right.”

So I mentioned this to the non-stress test tech (who measures both of the babies’ heart beats as well as any uterine contractions) and she verified that I was, indeed, having contractions! What the what!?! She said it was probably not caused by the ultrasound (even though I felt fine before), and that I could talk more to the doctor about it at the OB appointment.

The OB checked out all of the print-ups from the non-stress test and informed me that what I was experiencing was considered “uterine distress.” Apparently, this is when the uterus is contracting irregularly – but the “contractions” aren’t complete contractions (as you would experience with “true” labor). The OB said this was pretty normal given that I’m carrying twins. She said it was probably caused because my uterus is growing at such a rapid rate that the stretching is causing my uterus to be distended. She said that it is also more commonly seen during summer months, so dehydration could be a component. Basically, all I can do is drink, drink, drink, and take it easy. Luckily she wasn’t worried enough to mandate a “Bed Rest” order yet (thank goodness!), but I need to cut back my time walking about/standing upright, and to just generally listen to my body.


Soooo basically, everything is okay for now. I continue with my biweekly appointments as usual and just try to stay super-hydrated, rest my body, and keep the babies baking for as long as possible. The longer they’re able to stay in, the better/shorter their recovery in the NICU. But, I was again reminded to get all my “affairs” in order, and that things could change at any point. I could have the babies tomorrow or it could be another 6 weeks still. We’re going to take our cues from the girls and keep them in until they let us know that they’re no longer thriving inside. Obviously, things like this can never be “planned”, but my mothers’ intuition has changed a little. I was originally thinking I’d make it to 36-37 weeks (July 20th or 27th), but now I’m thinking the girls may come closer to 34 weeks (July 6th). We’ll see – only time will tell!