There are so many prenatal classes out there:  hypnobirthing, lamaze, Bradley method classes…the list is seemingly endless.

The hospitals really encourage them, too. In fact, when we were planning on using the Midwife group, it was a requirement. It’s enough to make you wonder – “How on Earth did people ever give birth before all these prenatal classes existed?!” (*sarcasm alert!*)

One of the things about pregnancy that I liken to wedding-planning, is that everyone makes you feel like you HAVE to have this item, that toy, this product, or you HAVE to go to this class, read this book, or watch that video. If you don’t – then obviously you’re a terrible person and you’re going to be a crappy parent. (Similarly, in the wedding industry, if you don’t buy the monogrammed napkins, then you’re *obviously* not really in love and you’re doomed to get divorced).

So I’ve received more than a few raised eyebrows when people ask me what prenatal classes I’m planning to take…and my response is “None!”

In my defense, I know we’re going to have a c-section. The majority of these classes focus on labor and delivery….which is totally irrelevant for us! So what’s the point?

But that doesn’t mean we’re not doing any prep-work! I’ve been reading up a storm (currently reading “The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding”), and we’re actually taking an often downplayed class Thursday evening:  Infant and Child CPR! What a potentially lifesaving class!? Why do people spend so much time talking about and taking classes on breathing techniques for labor and not even give a second thought to classes that could literally save their child’s life?! In my humble opinion, this is probably one of the most important classes that are offered!

Plus, it’s one evening for 2 hours. Not too bad compared to some of those prenatal courses that are once per week for 4-8 weeks! Yikes! What a time commitment!

Besides – one of the best pieces of parenting advice (which I think applies even prenatally), is “Forget about everyone else. Do what works for you.” I’ve taken it to heart.