Today’s appointment, though not bad overall, was probably the most distressing since the infamous twin ultrasound.

It was just supposed to be a quick non-stress test. But I ended up being there for 2.5 hours and, when I left, I was pretty stressed out and nervous.

Turns out, Bailey now has low amniotic fluid. This, after just being checked on Thursday and having borderline excessive fluid! The ultrasound tech was worried not only about the low fluid, but also about the sudden drop. Worried enough that she had me wait while she went to consult with the doctor with pictures of the amniotic fluid sac.

Apparently the doctor thought it was okay, because he never came to talk to me (which, I guess, offers a little bit of reassurance). The tech said that I’d be monitored extra-closely at my Thursday appointment – which was going to happen anyway, since Thursday is my longer scheduled appointment, including the babies’ growth scan, OB visit, etc.

After doing some internet research, it sounds like there’s not a lot that can be done to increase the amniotic fluid level. But I know that low fluid is one of the more common reasons for inducing labor….so I’m hoping that I can hold out a few more weeks! Right now I’m still 29 weeks and I just feel like its too early to deliver now!!

Though nothing is “proven,” some people suggest that staying well hydrated can help, so I’ve been drinking like a camel. And some people with low fluid have been put on bed rest, so I’m preemptively trying to take it (extra) easy. I’ve known that bed rest was always a possibility, but I hope to avoid it as long as possible – especially hospital bed rest!

So that’s all I know now. I’ll update more after my Thursday appointment. But for now, I’m doing everything in my power to keep these babies healthy and baking for as long as possible. At this point, every day in utero equates to about 3 days in the NICU, so right now is critical for the girls’ development. Keep baking, babies! Develop those lungs!!!