I’m now officially in the third trimester (there are discrepancies about the “exact” start of the third tri, but all sources agree that by 29 weeks, I’m in it!)! Some days I can’t believe I’m already here. Other days, it just feels like its dragging and I want to fast-forward the next 2 months and just get the girls on the outside! Pregnancy can be tough!

This Week With the Girls:

The babies’ growth and development is continuing, though all of their vital organs are fully functional at this point (besides their lungs – which will continue developing until the end!) Their bones are fully formed, their skin is soft and pink, and they keep accruing calcium and iron for storage until birth. In fact, the babies’ nutritional needs peak during the third trimester – I need to increase my intake of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, and calcium.

The girls now have preferences for tastes that they like and dislike. Their hearing is continuing to improve, and they can respond to sound or light. They continue having “dreams’ (or at least REM sleep), and they can show fear/startle responses to loud noises (Source, source).

Things I’ve noticed:

  • Earlier in pregnancy, all movements seemed to be more like “twitches” and I’ve read that early movements were completely unconscious on part of the girls. But now they seem to be responsive to my touches! A couple examples:   (1) At my last doctor’s appointment, the doctor pressed down on my stomach and Bailey did NOT seem to like being cramped – she started punching/kicking at the doctors’ hand!  (2) Whenever I feel a kick or punch, I will press in on my stomach in that area, and it feels as though the baby “consciously” presses back in response to my touch!

Other Commentary on the Week:

  • I’ve read/heard this would happen, but this week I got my very first: “Oh wow, you must be due any day now!” comment. To which I had to reply…. “Not really…not due for another couple months, but thanks.”
  • I had my first Non-Stress Test appointment this week. The whole thing took about 90 minutes, but was pretty easy and totally painless. Plus, apparently I get to have ultrasounds at every appointment (twice per week), because they want to check the amniotic fluid level at each appointment. They aren’t the long “growth” ultrasound appointments where I get told the weight, etc (those are only every 2 weeks), but I still get to see the girls. This week we saw Brooke hiccuping (even though I couldn’t feel it), and we saw Bailey practicing breathing (her lungs expanding and contracting on the screen). It was pretty cool.


Excuse me ma’am, are you trying to shoplift some items underneath your dress?

Is that a bowling ball up there, or are you just happy to see me?

29 Week Pregnancy Stats

Weight Gain: + 43 lb (shhhh, you! this is a sore subject!)

Aversions: none

Cravings: none

Things I miss: General mobility, feeling rested, feeling “cool” (as opposed to burning hot), having energy.

Things I’m looking forward to: Seeing what the girls look like! *fingers crossed for blue eyes*

Symptoms: breathlessness, extreme back pain, frequent urination, lack of mobility, general exhaustion, heartburn, overheating, occasional (extremely severe!) leg cramps/charlie-horses…generally waking me up in the middle of the night, causing me to yelp out in pain & Chris to freak-out because he thinks I’m going into labor.

Baby Items Purchased: No new items purchased this week, but we’re looking on craigslist for a little freezer and hope to buy one soon (for storing breast milk and pre-made dinners to eat while I’m unable to cook). We also plan to go get a Costco membership, probably sometime this week, so we can stock-up on the aforementioned pre-made dinners, in addition to diapers, wipes, and other household items.