I’ve mentioned many times that I predominantly feel Baby “A” (Bailey) and not-so-much with Baby “B” (Brooke). I’ve mentioned it to the doctor…oh….pretty much at every.single.appointment. They keep reassuring me that its totally normal and mostly due to their positioning.

But last night & this morning I felt something I’ve never felt before!

I felt distinct movements (not really kicks “outward”, but more of sideways kicks…if that makes sense?) from where Brooke is currently gestating. Immediately following Brooke’s movements, Bailey seemed to sideways-kick back at  her sister. As if the two were actually interacting!

The interaction actually happened about 4 times in a row. Brooke kicked Bailey – then Bailey immediately retaliated by kicking Brooke.

Obviously I can’t be sure this is what was happening, but that’s what it felt like inside my stomach! Perhaps I should give them a stern “talking to” about not fighting with each other, but it was just the coolest sensation! I had to just sit there and soak it up.

Even though I’ve been reading for weeks that the babies interact, this was my first time to actually *feel* it. I guess as time goes on and their space becomes more limited this could become a more regular occurrence. Craziness!