I had my last “regular” doctors’ appointment this past Thursday.

Now I move to twice-per-week visits where I will be given a Non-Stress Test at each appointment, and continue with every-other week ultrasound growth checks. Luckily, I get to ease into the schedule because I’m supposed to go on Mondays and Thursdays but since this Monday is Memorial Day I’ll only have to report to the office on Thursday of this week. It’s crazy though, to think that I’m only 28 weeks along and will now be seeing the doctor twice per week for the remainder of my gestation. If I make it to 36 weeks (which is my “goal” week), then that means I’ll see the doc FIFTEEN TIMES between now and then. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but THANK GOODNESS it’s summer time! Obviously I’d follow the doctor’s orders regardless, but it sure would’ve been stressful if it were during the middle of the semester….or over Christmas break – I wouldn’t be allowed to go back to Texas! The point is, the timing of this pregnancy really could not have been more perfect.


I asked what to expect from the Non-Stress Test and, of course, they give you the worst-case-scenario just so you can be prepared. Basically the point of the test (in a nutshell) is to make sure the babies’ heart rates are responding appropriately, given their movements. It’s monitored by an external heart-rate thing placed on my abdomen (very technical, I know). If there’s a problem, then I’m moved to having an ultrasound where they do basically the same thing, but look internally (as opposed to only listening). If there’s still a problem, then I’m admitted to the hospital for a 3-hour prolonged monitoring session. If it still doesn’t go well, then we have a c-section right then and there to get the babies out. I’m fully expecting things to be fine in my tests, but it’s nice to know what happens if something looks amiss.

So that’s what I get to look forward to. Be jealous of my many doctors appointments to come.

At my last exam, I got to have another fetal growth check (which will also continue, on a biweekly basis). These are my favorites because I get to see the girls and make sure that all looks well. Here are their latest stats:

28 Weeks Gestation

Bailey (Baby A):  2 lb, 9 oz

Brooke (Baby B): 2 lb, 7 oz

This was surprising because the entire pregnancy, Brooke has always been bigger! This flip-flop of weight alarmed me a little, but the doctor said it’s totally normal. They’re both in the 55th percentile for weight (right about average), even for a single baby – so they are doing great!

Also, both are head-down and all of their growth and development looks great!

And, although it’s now impossible to get really decent pictures, the ultrasound tech did take one picture of Brooke’s face. Check it out:

It’s so much more human-like than the last face shot we got back at 21 weeks gestation. Compare the difference – 28 weeks (above) vs 21 weeks (below):

The 21-week shot was so much more skeletal! Chris hated that photo because it freaked him out. And although the 28-week shot isn’t exactly a “glamor shot” or anything, I think you can definitely see a difference in some of the little accumulated fat stores?? No?? Just me?? Maybe you can only really appreciate it if you’re the Mom, haha!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! And don’t forget the meaning of the holiday! Thank our troops for their service!