If you missed the first round of Pregnancy Tears, check it out here!

Well, I’ve got a couple of new pregnancy tears to share! So sit right back and prepare to laugh at my expense (or Chris’….since he’s the one dealing with my hormonal mess)!!

1. When Chris and I went back to Texas, we made a stop (in the middle of nowhere) for gas. I noticed a Dairy Queen right next door to the gas station, so I told Chris that while he pumped I was going to walk over and get a blizzard. I did just that. When I received my blizzard (after a bit of a wait), I walked back over to the gas station. Only….Chris was gone. I had NO idea what was going on and I didn’t have my phone – only my debit card and the blizzard in my hand. So I sat calmly on a bench and started eating. About 5 minutes later (still no Chris), I started to worry. I got up and started walking around the parking lot – looking to see if he’d pulled away from the pumps and into an actual parking spot. No Chris. Maybe he’d gone inside the gas station. No Chris. Maybe he parked over on the side of the building to wait. No Chris. I returned to the bench and sat down, this time with a panicked feeling. Did I seriously just get left in the middle of nowhere with no transportation and no means of communication? I sit for about another 5 minutes….the rest of my blizzard completely melted, as I could no longer remain calm enough to sit and eat it. Finally I decide I’m going to have to call my Mom Collect on the pay phone (I didn’t think you could call cell phones….not sure if that’s true, but that’s what I thought), and have her try to connect with Chris. By this point, I’m in tears. As I’m dialing my Mom’s number, Chris pulls into the parking lot. Apparently, he had driven over to Dairy Queen when he was done pumping gas and had somehow not seen me exit and walk back over to the gas station. Meanwhile, I had no idea he had driven over there, so I didn’t even look in DQ’s parking lot for him. Turns out, while I’d been searching at the gas station – he’d been doing the same thing at DQ (he looked inside, in the bathrooms, in the parking lot, etc). Even though the whole thing was a misunderstanding, I melted down into a pool of tears that lasted on-and-off for about the next 3 hours. It was a scary thing to feel abandoned at the gas station all pregnant and alone (anyone seen “Where the Heart Is“? It’s based on a true story, too!!!)

2. Is it just me, or are baby showers like 10% your friends and 90% your parents’ friends? Just me? Ok, well lets pretend I’m not alone here…..moving on…. Anyways, at my shower we had invited several of my mom’s and mother-in-law’s friends. I knew most of them, but not all. There were a handful that I couldn’t place a name with. So, of course, one of the presents we received didn’t have a tag or a card with it. I asked who it was from so we could record it for the purpose of sending thank-you notes. The woman it was from raised her hand. I had no idea what her name was. Chris’ brother, Adam, was the person recording the presents and he hadn’t seen the woman raise her hand. So he kept demanding – loudly, and in front of everyone – who the present was from so he could write it down. I tried to tell him just to write down the gift. He didn’t catch what was going on and kept pressing for a name. I started feeling panicked. I felt embarrassed I didn’t know this sweet woman’s name, and she had gotten us such a lovely gift I didn’t want her to feel bad or have her feelings hurt that I didn’t know her name. As tears started to well up in my eyes, Adam finally got the point and let me move on. But I was a total ball of nerves and stress for the rest of the present-session. When we got home, my Mom knew something was wrong and asked me why I seemed sad after the party. I immediately started crying explaining the situation. Both she and my sister tried to calm me down and assure me that no one felt offended or upset, and that everything was fine. I calm down. 5 minutes pass. Then someone brings up the presents again and – again – I start crying uncontrollably. My sister’s boyfriend was the person who actually made me stop crying because he’d been a witness to the whole event and when I looked at him during this second bout of crying, his eyes were as huge as saucers. He looked like he’d seen a ghost and was terrified by what was going on. His oh-my-god look of panic and fear made me burst out laughing. I told him to prepare himself, because I’m sure when he and my sister eventually have babies that her hormones will have her crying out-of-control at points during pregnancy, too.

I’ve managed to keep it together since then…..sometimes barely. Thank goodness – for Chris’ sake.

The funny thing is, in a non-pregnant state, I never cry. Seriously. It had probably been over a year since I’d last cried – and, even then, it was due to family health issues and concerns. I have never let little things (like thank you cards? seriously?) get to me before. Hormones are a crazy b sometimes!