Look at what arrived in the mail last week!

Obviously, I had to try it on right away (on top of my clothes, after work)

Super stylish, no?

I’ve gotta say, I sent this picture to my sister and she informed me that when she showed it to our mom – my own mother died laughing for about 10 minutes. Thanks, Mom! : )

But looks aside, it actually works surprisingly well! It’s kind of like a weight belt and it helps hold me all “in” and keeps the tummy from bouncing around on the terrible roads in Tucson (seriously…our roads are riddled with pot holes everywhere!) I’ve noticed it helps reduce some of the lower back pain too!

Only “cons” are that it is HUGE, and although its not as hot as I thought it would be, its not super comfy on bare skin. So, I’ve been wearing a spaghetti strap shirt, then the support belt, then a “real” shirt on top. The layering has worked so far, but with the dead of summer approaching (we are already having multiple 100+ degree days in Tucson and we don’t have a/c at our house!!!), I’m not sure that the layering will be able to continue….We’ll see.

But for now….so far, so good!