Quick (MONEY-SAVING) tip for any other preggers out there…

You know how you go and register at places like Target when you’re pregnant?

Well, they will send you coupons (I’ve been told up to 30% off) AFTER you have the baby for you to go buy any remaining items on your registry.

Sooooo…..a couple options:

  1. Lie about your due date. Say its 2 months sooner than it really is, so you are able to stock up on nursery items BEFORE the baby is born (unfortunately, you can’t change your due date after the registry is set-up, so I wasn’t able to take advantage of this tip).
  2. STOCK up your registry with stuff that you will certainly need AFTER baby is born (e.g, diapers!!! wipes!!! etc.). I’ve taken this a step further to register for some “older” baby stuff (e.g., toys) and I even threw a new dining room set on our registry (We currently only have a 2-person table….30% off would sure help lower the price of a larger one!!!). You can actually register for anything you want, so if you want to take it further – I suppose you could even register for regular household and/or personal hygiene items (shampoos, deodorants, etc…). Add whatever you want!

I just had a friend point this out to me recently, so I wanted to pass it along to any other expectant Moms out there (and I guess you could even do it for your bridal registry, too!?)