Wow – I’ve been hit with allergy fever this week! Sneezing non-stop, itchy/watery eyes, and an endlessly runny nose. Wish I could take the allergy meds I used to! Thank goodness school is technically “out” (even though I’m still working), because at least I can work from home instead of dragging myself all puffy-eyed into the office!

I can’t believe we only have 1 more “regular” doctor’s visit before we move to the twice-per-week rotation. It blows my mind! Where has the time gone!? It’s hard to imagine that the girls will be here in 10 weeks or less (the doctors won’t let me go past 37 weeks, so 10 more weeks is at a maximum)!

At least we’re feeling prepared! I want the girls to keep baking for awhile, but if they were to arrive tomorrow, we’d be ready!

When we first got home from Texas and unpacked all of our gifts into the baby room, here’s what it looked like –










….like an absolute disaster-zone! Prior to the girls’ arrival, this room used to be utilized as our office/Rocky’s room. Our desk, bookshelf, and Rocky’s crate were all in there. So first – Chris moved the office stuff (desk, printer set-up, books, etc) out into our dining room area (we have a large dining room, so we still had space for our kitchen table). Then, baby things just got piled up in the room until we had time to go through it.

Well, we found time this past weekend, and here is the outcome:


Nursery Tour

Crib complete with matching sheet & blanket and musical mobile

Matching dresser, full of freshly laundered baby clothes, heart wall decorations (Chris picked how things would be hung…), baby changing pad, diaper pale on right and dirty clothes bin on left of the dresser. Also note the wipe warmer on top of the dresser. This is something that Chris and I had talked….oh….4 months ago about being an absolute ridiculous and unnecessary purchase. But at our last trip to Target…..all-of-the-sudden Chris felt like we ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE IT! He literally wouldn’t let us leave without it. I laughed. He’s cute.

I know it still looks like a mess, but its actually all organized! Diapers on top of the bookshelf. Top shelf has a basket with hats & bows, next shelf full of wipes (left) and bottles (right), next shelf full of blankets, towels, and bath supplies, next lower shelf with sheets, eating stuff (utensils, etc., to be saved for when the girls are a little older), and bottle washers and shoes, and bottom shelf has a baby bath thing on it.

Diaper bag thing and night-light (left); Door-hanger for the door (right).






And, our newly rearranged dining room/office:

See the computer desk in the background? Here’s a closer look:

And, finally, the girls’ little corner of our own bedroom:

A twin pack & play all set up (and it’s been tested & approved by the stuffed bears)

Can you believe the difference? Thank you all for the incredibly generous gifts for our showers and for the hand-me-downs, as well. We have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and generosity! We’re definitely ready for Brooke and Bailey!

Speaking of the girls, here’s what they’re up to this week:

Their brains and lungs are rapidly developing, and they should measure about 14 inches from head-t0-toe at this point. They can open and close their eyes and even suck their little thumbs! Their eyebrows and eyelashes are growing and they can even respond to light – for example, if a flashlight were shone onto my belly, they may move toward it (Source, source, source).

Things I have personally noticed

  • The kicks are feeling more pronounced, especially from little Brooke (whom I’d previously only felt during the middle of the night) – and even Chris has gotten to feel Brooke move now! Lots of people have felt Bailey, but so far Chris and I are the only ones to feel Brooke.
  • My nails are no longer as long and strong. I know the girls’ bones and teeth are growing and was warned by the doctor that if they didn’t get enough calcium, they would leech it from my bones! I’ve been trying to get the extra calcium in the form of food (cheese, milk, yogurt), but I’ve just purchased an extra calcium supplement because I think my nails are a sign that I’m just not getting enough calcium to support all 3 of us at optimal levels.

And here I am…in all my 27 weeks pregnant-with-twins glory:










PS: I spy Rocky’s little nose in the bottom right corner, wondering what on Earth I’m doing

27 Weeks Pregnancy Stats

Weight gain: +35 lb

Aversions: None

Cravings: Any and all cold beverages!!! Fruit Slushes, Smoothies, Icees, Cherry Limeaids, etc etc etc. I’ve been so hot and thirsty and can’t seem to get enough refreshing beverages!

Things I miss:  Nothing really. This week has been a busy and exciting one and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much!

Things I’m looking forward to: Just seeing the girls! Not that I want them to rush or anything (hopefully we’ll still have another 2 months of baby-baking!!!), but I’m getting excited.

Symptoms:  Well, I’m huuuuuge….so there’s that. : ) I’ve continued to have lower back pain, joint pain (especially in the knees), and mobility-issues. I’ve slowed down tremendously, get winded and tired easily, and go to sleep usually in the 9 o’clock hour!! One of the big “changes” is that I think I’m moving into the range of having my belly-button classified as an “outtie.” It’s been completely flat for several weeks now, but last week I noticed that whenever I laughed it would start to pop out a little on the laughs. Then, with my allergies it’s been doing the same thing when I’d sneeze. And now, its starting to pop just-a-little all the time. I’m assuming that within another week or two it will be a full-blown “outtie.” Luckily (amazingly!), still no stretch marks and no swollen hands or feet! *Knock on wood*

Baby Items Purchased: We’ve been on a baby-buying rampage over here! At our shower we were gifted with many cute clothes, the cribs, a baby dresser, a baby swing, breast pump, car seats, and many baby accessories (bathing stuff, toys, bottles, etc). Jenna (my sis-in-law) was sweet enough to give us lots of great hand-me-downs, including: clothes/hats/bows, exersaucers, a baby bath, a changing pad, and more.

Then Chris and I got home and bought a diaper pale, tons of diapers, a baby bouncer, a Moby wrap (baby carrier), and a My Breast Friend (for breastfeeding). We could not be more stocked up right now on baby gear! It’s been fun setting everything up and watching Rocky inspect it all. I’m glad we’re doing it in advance so he has a chance to get used to everything – instead of just having everything change all at once. When the girls are ready, Mom & Dad are ready! : )

And here’s an interesting video I found on identical twins. It talks about how, although genetically identical, they can grow up to be quite different. Of course, there are many identical twins that share countless similarities, so it’s simply far too soon to tell how our girls will be.