For awhile now I’ve been looking into joining some Mom Groups. I think it would be great for me to meet new people and since we know very few people who have children here in Arizona it would present me with an opportunity to interact with others who have previous Mommy experience and could potentially provide me with support during what I’m sure will be a very difficult time in my life (taking care of two young infants without any close family nearby).


Yesterday I went to my first Mom’s group with a friend from my office, Pam. Weeeelll, technically it was a breastfeeding support group. But although breastfeeding was certainly the main topic of conversation, it was clear that the group transcended beyond exclusive breastfeeding issues/problems, and the group of women could not have been more welcoming! It was clear that many of them had close bonds and considered each other friends. But the best part of the group was that it seemed to be a 100% Judgement Free Zone!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m so used to groups of women being super judgy-judgy about everything. It’s very uncomfortable and makes it difficult to lower your guard and make real friends. Am I right? And I feel like women are always so competitive with each other that it only heightens the judgement. But these women were so down-to-earth and friendly! It didn’t even matter that I wasn’t currently breastfeeding, that I didn’t even have any kids yet, that I am planning to go back to work after having kids, etc etc etc. I felt totally welcomed and supported and even had lots of people offer great breastfeeding advice. Plus, I got the number for a woman who recently had twins so I can pick her brain about all things twins.

So, although I don’t know how frequently I’ll be going before the girls are born, I’m thinking I’m going to make the breastfeeding support group a regular activity post-birth. Not only is it informative and helpful with breastfeeding issues, but it was really like a play-date for the babies to socialize and interact with other babies around their same age, and a chance for the women to get together and discuss any Mommy hardships they’d been encountering. I could totally use some of that in my life!

I’d also like to find a Mommy group like “Stroller Moms” (a common example is Stroller Strides). I found one Meet-up Group that sounds similar but, unlike the breastfeeding support group, I can’t join the Stroller Moms until after the girls are born.

Either way, I’m pretty excited to be embarking upon this new journey in life and I think that making new Mom friends and actively participating in Mom groups will really help make the transition sooooo much easier! I feel like I’ve been welcomed into this “Secret Moms Club” that I previously knew NOTHING about!

And so far, Moms seem to be much nicer than comparably-aged non-Moms. What’s up with that? Is this only a Tucson thing, or is this everywhere??? Because, really, it blows my mind how helpful/informative/supportive/friendly Moms from all over have been to me since I announced my pregnancy! Whatever the cause, I’m full-on embracing the support…..Lord knows I could use every ounce!!!