With all the traveling, working, and setting up of the babies’ room, I feel like I haven’t had a chance to give any substantive baby updates recently! So here’s a quickie….I’ll do a full “27 weeks update” post later this week (the 27-week mark is not until Friday).

First – I survived the drive to and from Austin! It ended up taking 15 hours each way, which wasn’t too terrible (usually it’s 14 hours, but since we had to stop more frequently it added an hour to the trip). The way there was much worse – when we arrived my back was killing me and I was absolutely exhausted (we’d woken up at 2:30am for the drive!). The way back wasn’t as bad.

We also ended up taking an extra day for the trip, too. Instead of coming back on Tuesday as originally planned, we didn’t come back until Wednesday. It’s amazing what a difference that one extra day made!

Highlights included:  the baby shower, a prenatal massage at The Spa at Plaza Cortez (one of my fave places in life!)

(there are a sick number of pillows used for prenatal massages! I was blown away!)

lots of lunches and breakfasts with family members (unpictured), swimming time (unpictured), and snow cones!!! I don’t know why the rest of America doesn’t embrace snow cones the way that Texas does! They are absolutely the PERFECT summer-time treat!

This was a specialty snow-cone called “The Incredible Hulk” which included nerds! It was crazy, but delicious!

When it was time to pack up the car and head back to Tucson, Rocky was NOT happy! He kept huffing and puffing and making the most miserable/pitiful faces at us. Sorry, Rocky! We gotta go home!

The very next day, I had another doctors’ appointment and ultrasound. The ultrasound pictures seem to keep getting worse and worse. I guess as the girls grow larger and room for them to roam around my uterus is shrinking, its getting harder and harder to get quality pictures of them. So, no new ultrasound pics. But I can give you some stats:

The girls are BOTH head-down now (last time Bailey was head-down, but Brooke has never been head-down).

They’ve both gained exactly 9 ounces from their last appointment. Bailey now weighs in at 1 lb 13 oz, and Brooke weighs 2 lb 1 oz.

Their growth and development looks perfect.

Now I only have 1 more “regular” appointment. After that, I’ll start having appointments twice per week and will no longer have my cervical length checked. Apparently, they check cervical length at every appointment to make sure it’s nice and long (a short cervix is a sign of potential preterm labor and warrants intervention)….but after my next appointment they no longer check my cervix because if it shortens….it means we’re going to go into labor and have us some babies! No more potential interventions! Scary/exciting!

I also asked about the whole vaginal birth vs. c-section thing.

I was (again) told to prepare myself mentally for the fact that it’s going to be a c-section. I knew this was likely, but wanted to double-check given that our progression has been good. I guess we’re still so high-risk that a c-section is really the most medically safe way to proceed (note that, if they were fraternal twins, I’d be more likely to be allowed to have a vaginal birth…the single placenta is the problem-factor here).

I also asked if it would be scheduled in advance (will I have any notice? Even a day or two??). The answer was a resounding NO. I will visit the doctor twice per week and they will keep the babies baking right up to the last possible second (probably when the fluid looks low, or if one of the girls goes into distress, or there is some other problem). At that point, I’ll be admitted immediately into the hospital and it will be Baby Delivery (via c-section) time. No advance notice.

So all-in-all, things are developing great! I’m getting bigger by the day, but I’m doing well overall. Chris has been a saint with rearranging our second room. We now have a nice office set-up in our dining room area and the second room is full-on baby room! I’ve done about 10 loads of laundry to wash all the baby clothes, sheets, etc. and soon everything should be fully set up. I can’t wait to share pictures with you all!!! Soon – very soon!