Last weekend we were able to have a baby shower back in Austin. It was so great to get to see so many people and feel showered with love and amazingly generous gifts! I was blown away! And as terrible as the 15-hour drive (each way) is, it was all worthwhile to get to celebrate Brooke and Bailey before they’re even here!

The shower was a joint effort: My mom and sister did most of the planning, food was prepared by my Mom, Chris’ Mom, some of my Mom’s friends, with cake balls done by a friend. All were amazing! The shower was held at Chris’ grandma’s house and decorations were done mostly by my sister – but with help from others. It was truly a collaborative affair! Thanks to all for making it happen on such short notice and for making it so special! My sister-in-law did a fabulous job with the theme “Two Scoops are Better Than One” – which alluded to the amazing ice cream bar we had for dessert after the lunch. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

showered with presents (photo credit:  Saskia)

the food and ice cream bar set-up

drinks set-up

On the lunch menu:  BBQ chicken sliders, ham and cheese stromboli, green salad, fruit salad, spinach dip, clam dip, baked beans, and I feel like I’m forgetting other goodies???

For dessert:  Red Velvet and French Vanilla cakeballs (thanks, Julie!!), homemade hot fudge party favors (made by my Mom), and a full ice cream bar with countless toppings to choose from!

photo credit:  Saskia

Even Rocky-boy (our first born, of course) was able to join in the fun!!!

But there was more than just food! There were people there, too! : )

My Mom, Rosemary Williams, and my Nana

Me, Brittany (sister), Nana, and my Mom

friends since middle school!!! Saskia, me, Anu, and Jennifer

boys were there too! Chris and his two younger brothers:  Adam and Logan

(clockwise):  Chris’ Nana Betty, his Mom Monica, Chris, Me, Adam, and Logan

opening presents:  Chris was very excited about the little Polo outfits (right)

It was an incredible time and I’m truly grateful for all of the generosity from our friends and family! Thank you, all, for making the event possible! We’ve been busy this weekend trying to get everything set up in the girls’ room and although it looked like an explosion for a couple of days, things are coming together nicely now. Pictures soon to come!