I have literally said before, “I am old and decrepit and falling apart”…only to have a friend point out “No, you’re pregnant.”


But a short visit with my 80-year-old grandmother this past week reaffirmed my previous thoughts and served as inspiration for this post:

How my pregnant body is similar to that of an 80-year-old

  • Limited mobility. No bending over to the ground, slow as molasses walking, can’t climb stairs easily, etc.
  • Aches and pains. I was complaining about my aching knees when my Nana perked right up – she happened to have a tube of medicated joint cream right in her purse (of course I didn’t use any…. I don’t know about putting medicated cream on my body without a doctor’s approval….but it was still pretty cute).
  • Miniature bladder. I remember when I used to be annoyed by the million bathroom stops for Nan….now I embrace them with open arms (yesssssss – an excuse for me to go, too!)
  • Bird-like appetite. I’ve always wondered how the elderly can get-by on so few calories!? But now with my reduced stomach capacity I, too, find it difficult to finish a meal (particularly toward the end of the day!)
  • Medications. Between the two of us, we could start a fully stocked vitamin shop/pharmacy!
  • Brain-farts. With old people they call it warning signs of Alzheimer’s or dementia…when you’re pregnant you can just call it “pregnancy brain.”
  • Reduced stamina. I’ve already talked all about my reduced stamina spoon theory. Not sure how old-age compares, but I know we are both operating at a reduced energy-level relative to (non-pregnant) healthy young adults!

I was able to point out all of my similarities to my Nana while in Texas and felt like there was some bonding over all the changes that have taken place in both of our bodies. It really is incredible how much we have in common! : )