Ummmm…..remember THIS post?

Call it pregnancy brain, but I didn’t remember either….until TODAY when I was going through old posts re-reading and reminiscing about the pregnancy journey thus far.

It was written at 18 weeks pregnant – only 8 weeks ago. And yet I totally didn’t remember it at all (one of the many reasons I love having a blog – it documents everything for me so I don’t have to remember…my memory sucks!)

Let me copy/paste a little passage for you:

“Remember how I had that crazy, vivid dream about having a baby girl? Well last night I had another one. Only, in this dream I was having TWINS and they were both BOYS!! (PS: Twins run in my family!!)

It’s very unlikely I’m currently carrying twins (only 1 heartbeat), but what if the dream was a premonition of the future? Wouldn’t a little girl first be SUCH a lifesaver in helping to care for younger twin brothers?! Yikes! : )”


So much for the whole “very unlikely I’m carrying twins” part…

And what the what??? Why do I not remember this dream now? Wish I’d been a little more detailed about my description!

Soooo….I had a dream that I’d be having a girl (check!) and then I had a dream that I’d be having twins (double-check!)  Maybe if the whole grad-school thing doesn’t work out I can apply to work somewhere as psychic! Craziness!!!!