So glad to be back in Austin! It has turned out to be a bit busier than I’d expected, but still not near as rigorous of a schedule as usual (still – no naps so far!) But let’s get right to the good stuff…

This Week with the Girls

I’ve reached the point of viability (yay!) so even if I were to go into preterm labor, the chance of the girls surviving from this point onward is very good. This week the girls are gaining fat, growing hair, maturing brain cells, and are developing more distinct facial features. My uterus is now the size of a soccer ball (crazy, right?! source)

And I love this:  Each baby is now very individual, with their own sleep-wake cycles and can respond to sound in their external environment (like Mommy’s voice or the sound of music being played)(Source)

This is so funny because earlier this week I was talking to the girls (yes, I talk to my belly), and I was telling Bailey that she needs to kick her sister and wake her up because I hadn’t felt Brooke move in awhile and was feeling anxious about it. Even though I know it was purely coincidental….less than a minute later I felt Brooke give a big (reassuring) kick that she was still doing just fine. I do hope that Brooke is not a night-owl though (I typically feel Brooke in the middle of the night, whereas Bailey is always active during the day).

pic from today’s baby shower. More pictures to come….

25 weeks Pregnancy Stats:

Weight gain: +30ish lbs?? (no official weigh-in this week)

Aversions: None 🙂

Cravings: Lately I’ve been craving all the things I’m not supposed to have. Like licorice (which – long story – is bad for babies) and sushi (which is actually safer than most people think…but there are social ramifications for eating sushi as a pregnant woman that I prefer not to deal with), and hot dogs (again – can be eaten safely if heated to steaming hot…but that’s not the way the Sonoran Dog food-carts do it, and they’re nowhere near as good when eaten at home). Mmmmm….Sonoran dogs *drool*  It’s a Tucson thing.

(Source)The Sonoran Dog:  hot dog wrapped in bacon and grilled, then thrown on a bun with pinto beans, relish, ketchup, mustard, mayo, and sourkraut (only I get mine sans mayo). Sometimes you also see it with tomatoes and jalapenos. *drooooool*

But I digress…

Things I miss:  Spring-time margaritas consumed out on a patio somewhere. This time of year we usually go camping once or twice, too, but I think I’d be way too uncomfortable to camp in my present state. And I’m still missing my mobility and exercise routines. Last year at this time I was competing in my first triathlon in Austin (the CapTexTri). It was so much fun and I really miss that type of activity.

Things I’m looking forward to: Getting our “nursery” all set up. Chris started the rearrangement of our spare room (which was set up as an office) last week, but we wanted to wait until after our Texas baby shower to get everything finalized.

Symptoms:  Nothing different or new. The doctors’ keep saying I could experience Braxton Hicks any day, or that I may start swelling in my hands and feet, but so far I haven’t experienced anything like that. My biggest complaint is just the reduced stamina and back pain.

Baby Items Purchased:  No new baby items purchased yet (but we got TONS of great stuff at the baby shower today – I’ll do a post about it later), but I did buy some new maternity clothes and a belly support system, which should help with my back pain. I’ll take a picture when it arrives (I got it from ebay).

All-in-all, it’s been a great week!!! ❤