First thing’s first:  Congrats to my friends with new babies!!!!

Nick & Michelle – baby Ava

Raurk & Mary – baby Bennett

Both babies were born earlier this past week and are doing well. Congrats!!!! I’m sure our babies will be fast friends!

I’m on strict orders not to travel anywhere (even as close as Phoenix!) for the rest of my pregnancy. The exception, of course, being that the doctors are letting me go back to Texas for a very brief visit as long as I go RIGHT NOW. They really wanted me to go 2 weeks ago, but with the end-of-semester craziness….it just wasn’t possible until now.

So Chris and I are packing up the car (which we just invested $600+ into to get new shocks, breaks, and oil-change so it’s totally road-worthy) and heading back to Austin for about 6 days and I cannot wait!!! I’m just hoping I can survive the 15-16 hour road trip with my big belly in-tow! (Note:  usually its a 14 hour drive, but we’ve been instructed to stop every 3 hours minimum so I can walk around to prevent blood clots).

I’ve been feeling lots of movement everyday recently. This has actually been occurring for the past couple weeks, but I think I’ve neglected to mention it on the blog before. It’s such a crazy/cool feeling! Chris has still only managed to be able to feel Bailey (she’s a tiny dancer, for sure!), but my last ultrasound showed lots of movement from Brooke, too.  I think she may just be more cushioned by amniotic fluid so I don’t feel her as easily. The time I feel her most is in the middle of the night. Bailey, by contrast, is on the move just about all day long (and particularly after I’ve just eaten)!

Speaking of – my last ultrasound and OB appointment was this past Wednesday and everything was looking great still! The girls were measuring 1lb 4 oz (Bailey), and 1 lb 8 oz (Brooke), which is right on target – even if there was just a single baby! (average fetal weight at 24 weeks is 1.32 lb – source). The doctors’ are quite happy with my weight gain and the girls’ development and right now there are no signs of preterm labor (sign= short cervical length), or that the girls are experiencing any of those scary TTTS problems. So far, so good….just the way we plan to keep it!

Of course, I keep getting told to prepare myself for the probability of going on bed rest, likely sometime between 28-32 weeks. So Chris and I have been busy getting all the necessities and trying to set things up a little so that we’re prepared “just-in-case.” I do worry about how it will go, though, and I hope to be able to do my bed rest at home rather than in the hospital, if at all possible. We’ll see….

But in spite of all the obligatory “heavy stuff” that the doctors’ always discuss, I’m very positive about how things have been going and hope that we stay on the same track. We’re very excited to get to see our friends and family back in Texas for a short while before the girls come into the world. Life is certainly a-changin’! And it’s going to be changing soon!!! : )

Our Tentative Itinerary (for curious Austin friends/family)

Wednesday 5/2:  Drive to Austin (

Thursday     5/3:  Ashley has a prenatal massage (thanks, Mom!) and a trip to the fabric store with Nan planned to pick out some material for baby quilts that Nan is going to make (thanks, Nan!)

Friday          5/4:  Breakfast with Chris’ Mom (thanks, Monica!), and potentially a trip to Barton Springs

Saturday     5/5:  Baby Shower from 11-1 at Chris’ Grandma’s (thanks, Betty!); Logan’s birthday!

Sunday        5/6:  Rest??? Hopefully!? Maybe take Rocky to a dog park?? or go to a pool???

Monday      5/7:  Adam’s birthday!

Tuesday     5/8: Drive back to Tucson (

I’m trying to keep the itinerary “light” because typically when I go back to Austin it’s nothing but “go-go-go” all day, every day, but I just can’t keep up that same pace. I’m sure the travel alone is going to wear me out and I don’t want to get sick or try to do too much. I’m trying to have realistic expectations for myself….which includes FAR fewer outings, etc., than my normal trips back to Texas. And I’m sure it will still feel plenty busy!