Not quite sure….but I’m thinking I just felt my first bout of baby hiccups. If so, it was coming from Brooke (who, overall, I don’t feel as often as I feel Bailey). At my last appointment Brooke was head-up and Bailey was head-down. The feeling (a rhythmic pulsing almost) was coming from the upper part of my uterus over on the side that Brooke typically resides in, so I’m assuming they were hiccups. It only lasted about 30 seconds, which seemed pretty short, so I guess they may have been little fist jabs but because they were so rhythmic and evenly spaced I’m going to go ahead and say that I just felt my first bout of hiccups! Craziness!!!

And – just for fun – here’s a picture of what I wore today…my LAST DAY of teaching for the semester!!! Woo hoo!!! The semester isn’t “officially” over until the 11th, but it will be SOOOOOO nice to not have to go teach on Monday evenings anymore!!! *fist pump!*