Alternate blog title:  Re(re)arrange

Growing large at such a rapid rate is a strange thing to grow accustomed to. I think that for most people – if if they’ve gained weight – it tends to happen slowly.  Being pregnant is a whole different ball-game!

Around my 2nd/3rd month of pregnancy – about the time that I was no longer able to fit into my regular jeans – I rearranged my dresser drawers. I gathered together all of my “non-maternity” stuff and piled it in the bottom drawer. Then all my “maternity”  jeans/capris/pants as well as a few non-maternity (but big/baggy/loose) skirts & pants (worn with the Bella Band), etc went into the top drawer.

I did a similar thing with my closet and all of my shirts and dresses.

Now that I’m in my 6th month of pregnancy, I’m finding that I have to (Re)rearrange my closet and dresser! Some of the pants and skirts I used to be able to wear with the Bella Band are now totally unwearable! And even some of my actual maternity pants have become uncomfortably tight in the waist region. And the dresses/shirts? Now that my chest has grown by TWO cup-sizes, I can’t fit into some shirts/dresses simply because the ta-tas are too big. And others I can’t fit into because I’ve got about 2 inches of baby-belly hanging out of the bottom. I’m constantly “retiring” shirts that are too snug – moving them to another place in my closet where I won’t be seeing them again for a good while.

But how depressing is it to have to constantly be rearranging my clothes!?! I mean, its nice to have it organized so I can easily find the clothes I still fit into….but I already know that another rearrangement is in my future as I dip into the third trimester and the babies continue to grow. I may even need to buy new “third trimester” maternity clothes since some of the “regular” maternity clothes are already snug (mostly the capris & pants). Or, I may just start wearing Chris’ wardrobe:  consisting of basketball shorts and polo T-shirts (thank goodness my largest period will be over summer when I’m not expected to be present at the office!!!) Yikes!