TMI WARNING:  This post is going to contain content that many would consider “too much info!” If you feel uncomfortable reading about my personal grooming woes, how about you skip this post, mmmmkay? : )

Let’s talk about how my personal grooming has changed now that I’m 6 months preggo (with the accompanying 6 month belly to prove it).

Like… I haven’t been able to see my who-haw (my lady parts!) for nearly a month. (Can’t see my feet either!!!)

And how I can’t bend around my belly to shave my legs.

What’s a girl to do?

Pics from this week:  Here’s the front-view of a shirt I wore to take Rocky on a walk

And here’s MY view looking down….all I see are boobs and belly!


This is especially troublesome because I’ve always taken pride in my personal grooming habits. After being in a relationship with a man for 10 YEARS, I think many ladies would start to slack off in this department. I have many friends who have admitted to letting personal grooming slide on occasion (e.g., not shaving their legs for weeks over winter). But I’ve always done a pretty good job (if I do say myself *back pat*) on making sure I’m always clean and smooth.

So what happens when I physically can no longer fulfill these same “responsibilities”???

Not quite sure.

So far, I’ve tried to make it work.

I sit down to shave my legs so I can bring my leg up to me (instead of bending over….which is impossible), but it’s still super uncomfortable and very difficult to reach many areas of the leg. I’m sure I end up with patchy spots that I’ve missed.

And the who-haw? I’m flying totally blind in that area – swiping aimlessly and just hoping I don’t cut myself and that it semi-works out.

It’s such a weird thing! I can’t even weigh myself at-home anymore because I can’t see over my belly to see where the weight is displayed on the scale. Now I understand why the scales at the OB’s office have the display up high, rather than on the ground.

What’s a preggo to do???









Compare:  24 weeks vs. 16 weeks. Hellllloooooo, belly!