They go by in the blink of an eye!










18 weeks on the left, 23 weeks on the right

What a difference 5 weeks makes, right? And at 18 weeks I was feeling large! Watch out!

Luckily I’m feeling much better than at the beginning/middle of the week. I had such a busy weekend last weekend that I think I just wore myself out and it literally took 3 full week days to recover (didn’t help that I was still pretty busy on Monday and Tuesday). On Wednesday I stayed home from work (I always do since my appointments are on Wednesdays). I slept in late for me (8:00am), then took a mid-morning nap AND an afternoon nap. When I woke up on Thursday morning, I was feeling great! I still have the hip/back pains, but I felt infinitely better than during the first half of the week. Lesson learned. I am operating on a different physical ability and energy level than I used to. Don’t push it!

On another note, we have still yet to set up the babies’ room (and I use the word “we” loosely, since all the rearranging will be done by Chris), but we have made some decisions and I think that’s progress at least…

We’ve decided to stay in our current rental until the lease is up. Recall that the idea of breaking our lease, looking for a new place, moving, settling in, etc etc etc., was making my head spin. I think it was just too much. Yes, our place will probably feel a little cramped when we first bring home the girls, but we will only be here until November. I think we’ll save space by not setting everything up (e.g., you really don’t need 2 cribs when they’re still that young), and by having some rooms pull double-duty (i.e., hello dining room which will now become office/dining room!). It’s all going to work out, and it’s only for a few short months. After that, we’ll be searching for a 3 bedroom 2 bath (we’re currently in a 2 bedroom 1 bath) to settle in for a bit longer.

This Week with the Girls

The girls are about to undergo a major growth spurt. They’re both just over 1 lb right now, but within a months’ time they will double in size! They can now hear everything pretty clearly (get used to Rocky’s bark, girls!) and can even feel my movements (time to get the suspension fixed in the car – it’s like a roller coaster!!) And, of course, their internal organs are continuing to grow and develop. If they were born this week they’d have a 25-30% chance of survival. In another week the survival rate jumps to 50%, and continues to increase from there. But I’m pretty confident these little girls will still be baking for awhile.  : ) (Source, source, source)

Still carrying pretty high in the belly region…

23 weeks Pregnancy Stats:

Weight gain: +28 lb

Aversions: No aversions, but general problems eating have been popping up – particularly around night time. I’m finding I have no room for food! I’ve been eating really slowly and have even, at times, broken up dinner into “Dinner Round 1” and “Dinner Round 2” separated by a couple of hours, just so I can get the food down. Otherwise, I just have no room in my stomach (the girls are crowding that space!)

Cravings: No real cravings, either. Is it weird I’m kind of bummed about this? I mean, I’ve heard all these stories about how I’ll be craving pickles and ice cream, or chips and salsa with M&M’s, or whatever other whacky combos. I haven’t had ANY of this at all?!? If anything, my “cravings” are for food that I don’t make myself! Cooking has become increasingly burdensome, and although I continue to cook regularly I find myself craving restaurant food
instead of whatever I’ve got planned for dinner.

Things I miss:  Running! I was very active prior to pregnancy and I really miss having that spike in heart rate and a good sweat session. Even though I’ve been doing light-moderate forms of exercise, it’s just not the same. And I’m sure when/if I have to go on bed-rest, it will be even harder!

Things I’m looking forward to: Going back to Texas for a few days! Baby Shower #2 (everyone from the Austin areas is invited – check your e-mail for invites, or call me/Chris for details)!! I still have to get official clearance from the OB at my upcoming Wednesday appointment, but things have been going so well that I feel confident everything is going to check out just fine.

Symptoms: Fatigue, sleeplessness, acne, hip, shoulder, and back pain. Reduced stamina, becoming easily winded, waddle-walking, and extreme heartburn (especially in the evenings). Also, my belly button is on the verge of becoming an outtie (already!!!), but at this point its just about completely flat. It looks so weird!

Baby Items Purchased: I’ve only actually purchased a couple of items:  some swaddle blankets and diapers (thanks, Pam, for the coupons!), but I’ve been gifted several items since last weekend’s baby party. We got tons of adorable outfits, some bottles, blankets, baby bath stuff, a boppy, and too much else to name everything. The only thing I got a picture of was this adorable gift basket from my lab-mate (thanks Tommy!)









Too cute, right!?

Next weeks’ big goal is to get Chris to start the nursery rearrangement so we have a place to put everything! : )

Wish us luck!