The cutoff between the second and third trimester is a mysterious thing. I’ve seen places refer to the third trimester as starting at as early as 24 weeks or as late as 28 weeks.

Regardless, at only 22.5 weeks, I should still be safely in the second trimester “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy. And yet…I’m not. I don’t know why, but this week has been ROUGH! In some ways I feel like I”m back in the first trimester – I’ve had extreme fatigue and even some “morning” sickness. And yet in other ways it feels like I’m deep into the third trimester – I can’t get comfortable no matter what the position (sitting, standing, laying down, reclining in the chair), my hips hurt, my back hurts, my shoulders hurt, etc etc etc. I’m not sure if this is a result of the twin pregnancy, or if it’s just pregnancy in general. Either way, I feel like I only had the briefest of second trimester reprieves before launching into full-on third trimester symptoms.

But at least these little girls are growing well.

The girls were looking at each other here! And at this gestational age, they are actually aware of each other and interact with one another!

Little Bailey – gaining some fat stores. Look at that pudgy little tummy!

Little Brooke! Chris hates this picture – the front view of the face freaks him out since it looks a little skeletal.

In other news,

Several family members have been working to organize a baby shower for us back in Austin! It’s pretty last-minute, since doctor’s clearance must be given for the travel. But, if you’re in the area the first weekend of May (May 5th is the date), we’d love to have you come! Invitations were done through e-mail due to the time limitations, so make sure to check your e-mail for the details (most email addresses were taken from Facebook – so check those emails if you have multiple accounts). Or you can always call or text Chris or myself for more info. I’m hoping in our haste that we didn’t leave anyone out, so just know that everyone in the area is invited!!!

Thanks Mom, Jenna, Brittany, Betty, Monica, and all the many others involved in helping out with the shower details! Chris and I can’t wait to come back for a short visit!!!