I mentioned awhile back that I was headed to the library to pick up some prenatal workout DVDs. I’m a huge fan of public libraries, in general, and I think that the DVD collections in particular are way underutilized.

Unfortunately, Tucson doesn’t have the most extensive library collection. Either way, I was able to score a couple of prenatal workout DVDs. Here’s what I’ve tried and what I thought:

1. Getting Started with Prenatal Yoga

I got this DVD because I LOVED yoga pre-pregnancy, but I was scared to go to classes after I found out I was pregnant because there are very few specialized “prenatal yoga” classes in my area and I didn’t want to go to a regular class without knowing the necessary modifications I should be making.

Pros:  This DVD was helpful to teach a few modifications that I was unsure of (e.g, downward dog with a chair!), and was great for stretching out some sore areas (like the hips!)

Cons:  I hated how choppy the entire DVD was! Instead of a single routine, the DVD is a series of single yoga moves that are just edited together. Plus, it’s VERY “relaxy” and not very “exercisey.” It’s great for stretching, but I definitely do NOT feel like I’ve gotten a good workout when it’s over.

2. The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout

This DVD actually contains 2 discs – one for prenatal exercises and one for postnatal.

Pros:  I loved that this DVD incorporated weights into the workout – something I’ve definitely been neglecting. And it certainly felt like more of a workout than the yoga DVD. It definitely showed me how easily I become winded now (I had to take a couple of breaks in the middle), but was still very “do-able”….nothing outside the realm of reality. I also loved the warm-up and cool-down because they really helped stretch out my legs & hips – areas that have been quite sore as of late.

Cons:  I didn’t like that some workouts incorporated a stability ball….because I don’t own one and had to skip those sections! And, I would’ve preferred to have several pregnant ladies (of different body types/sizes) as the exercise models. They had only 1 super-fit pregnant model who looked about 1 day pregnant when she was claiming to be 5.5 months. Ummm….can you say ab-jealousy???

*real photo I took of the TV*

In addition to the two prenatal DVDs, I’ve also hit up the school gym recently! Aren’t you proud of me?!

3. School Gym

Pre-pregnancy, I loved our school gym. Everything is new and shiny, well-maintained, and high-tech (TVs in every treadmill/elliptical/bicycle). But since the majority of patrons are 18-year-old undergraduates….as a 28 year old pregnant lady I felt very out of place. I wore my cute pregnant shirt, thinking I might score some compliments on trying to stay healthy and active while pregnant.

*Not a recent photo…I’m much larger now : )

All it got me were some head turns and weird looks (I’m sure they’re thinking, “What the heck is a pregnant lady doing here? Shouldn’t she be on bed rest or something?”) – it’s like they think I need to be sequestered off from society. I liked going because I could do some weights using the machines instead of free weights (in the past I’ve always preferred free weights, but with pregnancy unsteadiness, the machines are definitely safer), but I don’t think the machines compensate for how awkward I felt being there. I may go again once or twice….but then again….I may not. We’ll see.