Chris and I have been going back-and-forth with names….oh, since just about Day#1.

We both wanted names that were relatively “normal” (i.e., so our kids can buy personalized nick-nacks like pencils, keychains, etc, and easily find their name; also so the names are easily pronounceable by teachers throughout their lives), yet not so common that every other kid has the same name.

And I, personally, was really hoping for a “B” name.

I know its a bit cheesy, but Ashley starts with “A” and Chris starts with “C”….I thought it would be kind of fun for our first child to symbolically bond us together with the “B” in the middle.

We could NOT agree on boy names. My favorite was Blake. Chris hated it but didn’t offer up any good alternatives, so we were at a stalemate.

Then, we found out we were having TWO GIRLS. Now what? Should both have a “B” name? Just one? How do we pick?

Neither of us wanted really rhyme-y or matchy-matchy names for the girls (no Makayla and Makenzie, for example – which happens to be the 14th most common twin names for girls from 2010).

Eventually I came up with two girl names I really liked. Chris liked them both but was reluctant to agree to the names because they both start with a “B” (he thought that just starting with the same letter was too matchy-matchy, and I thought the same letter was okay as long as the names were significantly different enough).

I dropped it all-together for a couple weeks, but I guess Chris kept mulling. Because eventually he brought it up and AGREED TO MY NAMES : )

We still haven’t even begun to think of middle names… we’ll see what happens with that.

But, our kiddos’ names (unless something else changes – there are still a few months ahead) are going to be (drumroll)…………….Brooke and Bailey!!!

Other Baby-Related News

Having names has been so much fun! Now I can officially call the girls by their names when I talk to them (yes – I talk to them!) It really helps establish a little identity for each of them! Like, I know that Brooke tends to be more active in the middle-of-the-night, and Bailey tends to be more active right after dinner. I’ve also finally started feeling little kicks (not just the internal movements I’ve been feeling for awhile). After dinner last night Chris rested his hand on my belly on the couch and he got to feel his first kick from Bailey (still no movements from Brooke). Bailey is sure to be a Daddy’s girl!

I’ve started referring to myself as “We.” As in, if Chris wants to have pasta for dinner I can counter by saying, “Well, we want pizza. You’re outnumbered 3-to-1.” And I win. : ) (he’s a good sport to humor me). This not only comes in handy for food, but for activities as well (e.g., “We need a nap,” or “We would love a nice long walk in the park!”) Chris has been very accommodating and I try not to overplay my hand. I think the shock of twins has (mostly) worn off, and now we’re moving into the excitement phase. Sure it will be more difficult initially, but I really hope that our girls will grow to be best friends because I love the relationship I have with my sister (hopefully they don’t go through all the tumultuous years where my sister and I tried to kill each other though….literally…..When I was about ten I even broke her finger on purpose. Yes. True Story.) It will be nice to have a built-in playmate. And it should be great for teaching them to share, since they won’t know any different. There are so many great things about twins – and Chris and I are fully committed to the ride!