This week has been intense! A whirlwind of doctors appointments, online research, and general changes to our overall “plan” of things.

I need to be taking in extra calcium and iron, in addition to my regular supplements (prenatal vitamins, folic acid, and Omega-3 pills). Right now I’m trying to get these extra nutrients in the form of REAL FOOD as opposed to additional supplements, but it’s difficult to get the recommended 1500 mg of calcium needed daily! Hello, milk!!!

Websites also tell us to stock up on things we need and get things set up NOW because it’s likely I’ll have to go on bed rest sooner than we think. This really freaks me out since we’ve been considering MOVING to a bigger place now that we know we have 2 on the way. Our place would have been tight with 1…but with 2 it seems just totally unrealistic. But the idea of searching for new places, breaking our current lease, packing up and moving (after we JUST moved to this place 6 months ago) makes my head spin. Not sure what to do about all that.

Onto the good stuff…

Okay, so we have to take a step back a little from what I’d said last time. At 19 weeks I still thought we were having a single baby! Now that we know we’re having twins, developmental progress has changed a little.

Here’s what the girls are up to this week:

The babies should weigh just under a pound each, and measure about the size of a banana (source)

“The twins are in constant contact and kick and nudge at one another for space. The membrane that separates them still is amazingly elastic!” (-> I think its so cool they are already interacting with each other in utero! source)

The babies are developing taste buds! They swallow amniotic fluid several times a day —  not only for hydration and nutrition, but also to practice swallowing and digesting. Plus, the taste of the amniotic fluid differs from day to day depending on MY diet! Some research has even shown that babies who were exposed to certain tastes in utero via the amniotic fluid were more eager to eat foods with that same taste after birth. (source) Guess I need to stock up on my veggies!!

21 weeks Pregnancy Stats:

Weight gain: +25lb (seems like a ton…but I’ve got twins in there!!! Docs say I could gain another 25 by the time things are all said and done!)

Aversions: None

Cravings: sweets! It’s unfortunate since I really need to be eating extra-healthy! But I crave something sweet every night after dinner!

Things I miss:  Mobility! I never thought I’d be so physically impaired so soon! Particularly by the end of the day (which is when my belly seems to look largest, too), I have a hard time even getting up/down from the couch and moving about!

Things I’m looking forward to:  Hopefully being able to have a baby shower in a month (if all things continue developing well).

Symptoms: Fatigue, sleeplessness, acne (still!! Feels like it’s never going to go away!), hip & shoulder pain (from trying to sleep on my side all night), general difficulty with mobility. Thank goodness for NO stretch marks and NO ankle swelling (yet) – both of which I keep reading about happening around this time in twin pregnancy, but I’ve yet to experience.

Baby Items Purchased: I got TONS of stuff in the past couple of weeks since we found out the sex (and that we’re having two!). Chris and I are now the proud owners of a double stroller (but no car seats to fit into the stroller yet), a twin pack & play, several baby outfits, several packages of diapers, and other miscellaneous things that I don’t even know the names of (e.g., like some random thing you put on the floor and let the baby lay on?? x 2). Most of the things have been thrifted, but a few are new. Oh, and a friend from school has generously offered me a piece of furniture that we can use as a changing table – but we haven’t gotten around to picking it up yet (Thanks Shannon – if you’re reading!)