Yesterday I had another appointment at my new doctor’s office. Everyone I talked to, from my old midwife group, to the campus doctors (who I had to see again to get a new referral), and even the people at the referral office itself, suggested the Obstetrix group from TMC. Apparently they are THE PLACE in Tucson for high-risk pregnancies. So although I’d been there before for consultations, this was my first “real” office visit with them as my official new doctors.

Everyone from the ultrasound tech, to the nurse, to the doctor, herself, greeted us with, “Oh hey! You’re the couple with the surprise twins!!” Looks like we’re the talk of the town office over there. : )

And this visit was a complete role-reversal from last visit.

Last time, we loved the ultrasound tech but hated the doctor (I tried not to be too negative in the post….but I reaaaaaaally disliked the doctor!!!). This time, the ultrasound tech wasn’t so great – she literally greeted us by saying, “Hi, I’m just going to do a quick check for viability before your meeting with the doctor.” For reals? That’s how you talk to people? Plus she wouldn’t tell us anything about the girls (height, weight, etc) and wouldn’t give us any new photos either.

But the doctor was a complete 180 from last time. She was AMAZING!!!! I wish I could have her every time. The way the Obstetrix group works is that there are 10 different doctors and you rotate through them with each office visit, meeting them all. When it comes time to deliver, you are delivered by whomever is currently at the hospital. My old midwife group did the same thing, so I’m familiar with the philosophy….but it makes a big difference because I loved each and every midwife I’d met…..but obviously there are quite large disparities between the doctors in Obstetrix. Ugh….can I schedule my c-section based on their work schedules so I can avoid a certain someone????

Anyways, I was so pleased with this visit. Chris and I were joking around with the doctor about everything from the pretentious Dallas people (she did her residency there), to the difference between “true” Mexican food and Tex-Mex, to school/work woes. Oh right, with a healthy dose of baby-talk added to the mix, too. She was very reassuring that everything looked great and we should try to stay positive and not worry. We scheduled appointments through the rest of April and I asked “the question.”

Everyone from back home has been bugging asking me about having a baby shower. OF COURSE I’d love to have a baby shower, but now that I’m “high risk,” the last doctor made it sound like any travel of any sort at any time is pretty much out of the question. This doctor was soooo much more reasonable. She doesn’t like the idea of travel – especially after 28 weeks. The sooner, the better. But, she agreed to let me go back for a brief period (as long as it doesn’t interfere with doctor’s appointments and my ultrasounds are still looking good) at the end of April/beginning of May. So Chris and I are still working on the dates, but it tentatively looks like we’ll be able to go back to Austin for a short visit at that time. That’s literally 3-4 weeks from now, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for “planning,” but obviously the health of me and the babies has to come first. And we have to be flexible and know that if at any of our appointments between now and then something looks amiss, we may have to cancel altogether. This is hard for my “Type A” personality to wrap its mind around (I’m a planner!), but I’m learning to go with the flow and that some things are simply out of my control.

I’ve got two appointments next week: one with my old midwife group (they like to do a “farewell” visit…even if I haven’t delivered and am only transferring my records to a new office) and one with the doctor’s office for another ultrasound and regular appointment. From there I’ll be transitioning to every-other week visits for at least the next month. Of course, it could turn into weekly visits (or biweekly visits) if at any time something looks like it needs to be monitored more closely. Thank goodness for insurance! I’ve complained before about my crappy Aetna Student Health insurance, but its soooooo much better than having nothing!

I’ll do a weekly belly post update within the next couple of days, too. It’s grooooowing!  : )