The story of my first ultrasound. And how it changed our lives…all over again.

Our appointment was set for 10am, but there was so much excitement that we ended up getting to the office at about 9:30am. It wasn’t until 10:30am that they finally called us back into the room. The ultrasound tech was so sweet, and we immediately jived.

She has me hop up on the table, plops the goop on my stomach and then THIS image shows up on the screen:

My heart dropped. I could clearly see 2 heads, but no bodies. I haven’t felt any kicking and as morbid as it sounds, my immediate thought was “I have a 2 headed, no-bodied baby. This pregnancy isn’t viable. I’m going to have to terminate it.” (*this all happens in just a fraction of a second*)

The ultrasound tech, in a sing-songy voice, says “Alright, let’s take a look at your baby. I mean, your babies.”


My Mom (who was with us):  *literally jumping from her chair and running to the screen* DID YOU KNOW THIS?!?

Chris: *stunned silence*

Ultrsound Tech:  Yes…..2 babies. *pause* You didn’t know?

All: NOOO!!!!!

Ultrasound Tech:  Is this your first ultrasound?

All: YES!!!!

Ultrasound Tech:  Well, yes – you can see right here – there’s Baby A….and there’s Baby B. Congratulations! Looks like they’re sharing a placenta, which means that they’re identical! Let’s get some measurements, shall we?

The rest of the appointment (which turned out being 3 hours long) was a total blur. We got tons of measurements of everything possible of each baby. We were reassured multiple times that they both looked absolutely fantastic – great growth of their brains, spinal cords, kidneys, etc etc etc. Each has their own umbilical cord which attaches individually to the shared placenta (which is good). And, of course, they each had their own individual body (the first initial picture was just from the wrong angle so it didn’t catch their profile views).

Baby A (left):  waving hello; Baby B (right): caught mid-yawn


Both are measuring totally normal, even for a “single” birth baby – they’re each 10 oz in weight and 6.5 inches (head to butt), so that’s a very good sign. It’s wonderful that there’s not a “big” one and a “runt.” It’s also great that they’re both growing so well.

Unfortunately, having twins is risky. Having identical twins is even higher risk (by virtue of the fact that they’re sharing a single placenta). The doctor came to meet with us briefly and told me that I’m now considered “high risk.” That means no more midwife. I have to find an OBGYN. I was also told I’d probably deliver early (a common factor in births of multiples) and that I’d probably have to go on bed rest at some point. Oh right, and I’ve got to go have my cervix checked every 1-2 weeks for the rest of my pregnancy to make sure I don’t go into early labor (ugh).

I had a rough time with the information. The ultrasound tech made me so excited and made it sound like the babies were perfect. Then the doctor came in like a tornado and made me freak out that something is probably going to go wrong. It was a whirlwind of thoughts and a roller-coaster of emotions.

The doctor didn’t have long to meet with us (because this was an unexpected surprise), so we had to set a consultation for Friday afternoon to go over all of my “risks.”

Everything changes at this point.