I did a little google search of pregnancy-induced insomnia and it seems to be quite a common problem (some sites reporting up to 80% of gestating women suffering from it).

I’ve NEVER had insomnia in my life, so you can imagine how displeased I was when starting this past Sunday, I have been unable to sleep more than 4 hours per night! Earlier in pregnancy I’d have minor bouts of sleeplessness here & there. Maybe one night every-other week.

But literally the past 5 nights in a row I’ve had wicked insomnia with no sort of reprieve in sight!

The thing is, I have NO problem falling asleep. It’s not about being uncomfortable, anxious, or excited (as most websites I’ve googled suggest). I tend to crash around 10-10:30pm….only to wake up around 2-2:30am!!! And then I lay there until 7am trying desperately to fall back to sleep with no success!

Any tips for “natural” insomnia cures? Everything I’ve looked at really only addresses the falling asleep part of insomnia, not the STAYING asleep part! Meanwhile, I’m feeling quite zombie-like and can only imagine what it will be like taking care of a newborn!!!