I’ve made the Facebook announcement and that pretty much makes it official, right? : ) Until this point only close friends and family knew the news. So if you’re new to our little family blog, then Welcome! This post that can fill you in on what’s been going on over the course of the last 18 1/2 weeks (of course, you’re welcome to read all of the posts if you like, too).

Start here:   Our original pregnancy announcement.

Read all about How I Found Out and How I Told Dad-to-Be (on Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas!!) Plus you can read about How We Told Our Moms, too.

Most Commonly Asked Question:  Was It Planned?

Most Honest Post: Psycho Chick (true story!)

          Runner Up:  Pregnancy Tears

Worst Aspects of Pregnancy:   Morning Sickness & Aversions (TMI alert!), Acne and other fun Pregnancy Perks, The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Craziest Dream:  Baby Dreams

          Runners UpBoys VS. Girls and A Week’s Time

Bit of Comic Relief:  Who Knew?

Most Serious PostWhy We Chose a Midwife

          Runners Up:  Quickening and Baby Toes

And if you really only want to see the status updates and belly pics, here you go:

7 Weeks:   Status Update

10 Weeks:  Status Update

15 Weeks:  Status Update

18 Weeks:   Status Update

I’ll likely be doing Status Update posts more frequently as the changes with my belly/body begin gaining speed.

Thanks for reading! : )