It’s no secret that Chris and I have been hoping for a boy. But since all signs seem to be pointing to us having a girl (i.e., my baby dream, my entire family thinks its a girl, and old wives’ tales all suggest female anatomy), I’ve decided I better hop on the girl bandwagon. The LAST thing I want when we have the big anatomy ultrasound is to feel sad or disappointed about the gender. So I talked with mi madre (always wise) and have come up with a list of reasons why having a baby girl first can be a great thing!

Why Girls are Awesome

  • Easier as infants (sure the teenage years may be rough, but I’m sure its no picnic with either gender)
  • Momma’s sous chef
  • Momma’s laundry-folder (or….more likely to be a sock-matcher, as I fold the laundry)
  • Partner-in-crime for future salon trips to get our nails done
  • Protector of younger siblings (that little “maternal instinct” is strong, even with toddlers)
  • Adorable clothes/playing dress-up/doing hair & make-up
  • Babysitter of younger siblings
  • No getting peed on in the face during diaper changes! : )

All-in-all, I’ve gotten pretty pumped up about the prospect of having a girl. And if it turns out to be a boy, I’ll still be just as excited as ever. Besides, remember how I had that crazy, vivid dream about having a baby girl? Well last night I had another one. Only, in this dream I was having TWINS and they were both BOYS!! (PS: Twins run in my family!!)

It’s very unlikely I’m currently carrying twins (only 1 heartbeat), but what if the dream was a premonition of the future? Wouldn’t a little girl first be SUCH a lifesaver in helping to care for younger twin brothers?! Yikes! : )