18 weeks – and feeling….rotund. large. fat.

I already talked about how I had a bit of a waddle going on …. 2 full weeks ago! You better believe I’ve only gotten bigger since then! I can’t bend over, making it difficult to tie shoes, pick things up, etc. I’ve resorted to squatting to reach the floor.

Truth be told, the weight gain has really freaked me out. I better get used to it, because I know its only going to continue, but I feel like I’m gaining too much weight too early! The polite thing to say is “It’s all belly” (so please – if you see me – tell me this!!!). Unfortunately, I know its not true! I can see my face getting rounder and my arms gaining girth. So I know the weight-gain isn’t confined to just the uterus.

I’ve been trying to eat healthy (post the first-trimester pukiness, of course), and I’ve continued exercising at a low-to-moderate intensity. Obviously it’s just not been enough. Each doctor’s appointment I go to, I’m scared I’m going to get yelled at for gaining too much too soon.

So today, I’m going down to my public library and checking out a couple of prenatal workout DVDs. I think this will really help, since I’ve really had no guidance on “good” prenatal exercises and I’m just so nervous about doing anything at all that might hurt the baby! For example, I used to be very “into” weight-lifting (and resistance bands, etc.)….but I haven’t even touched a weight since I found out I was pregnant. I know so many weight-lifting exercises are “off-limits” and I just don’t know what’s allowed and what isn’t.

In other news, I mentioned about a week and a half ago about feeling my first baby movements. Well, I still haven’t felt any full-on kicks or anything, but I’ve started feeling additional movement and it’s so weird/crazy/cool! I mostly feel the movement first thing in the morning when I wake up. I’ve been sleeping on my left side (as doctors recommend), but when I first wake up I always flip to my right side to cuddle with Rocky for a couple minutes before getting out of bed. Whenever I flip, I can feel movement inside! It’s like the baby was comfortable in a particular position and when I change my position (thus changing the gravitational pull), the baby wants to adjust to find a new position. It’s really amazing to feel. I can’t wait till real kicks start coming through, though!!

18 weeks Pregnancy Stats:

Weight: +15 lb. (Everyone is different, but I think “average” is closer to 10 lb at this point)

Aversions: None! I’ve been eating lots of fruits and veggies lately! : ) I guess lunch meat (if anything) has been grossing me out. But that’s no big deal, because I’m not allowed to eat it anyway.

Cravings:  None!? When do the weird pickle-and-ice-cream cravings start? If anything, I think I’ve been craving a hot dog (only because they’re not allowed! they contain listeria). But no worries, chicken sausages are on my grocery list and I will eat one hot dog style : )

Things I miss:  Sleeping soundly through the night without the urge to urinate.

Things I’m looking forward to:  Finding out the gender! My first ultrasound (2 more weeks to go!)

Symptoms: Frequent urination, fatigue (not all the time, but I get tired much more easily than I used to), intermittent lower back pain (nothing too bad), ridiculous acne similar to that of a 14 year old adolescent (when will it go away!!!!!)

Baby Items Purchased: No new purchases. We’ve put some money aside to get stuff, but I think we’re waiting to find out the gender before buying anything big. We’ve walked around the baby department at Target, but still haven’t even set foot inside a designated “baby” store (e.g., Babies R Us, etc.).

That’s it for now – I’m off to the library! ; )