• This past week I was in Vancouver for a conference. I was worried how it would go, but it was great. My energy was high, I managed to get a LOOOOOT of walking done, and I never had any problems with anything (e.g., food, mobility, fatigue, etc.). Overall, it was a successful trip!
  • I don’t know what happened over the course of the last week, but it seems like my belly has officially “popped!” I went from the “is she just gaining weight???” phase into the “wow – that girl has gotta be pregnant” phase seemingly overnight! And its so fun to have little loving belly rubs from Chris all the time : )


  • I’ve experienced my first horrible bout of insomnia. Although I’ve been waking up once per night to use the restroom on average of 5-6 nights per week since the beginning of pregnancy, last night I had to wake up THREE times to pee. That’s a lot of bathroom trips! Plus, I just couldn’t get comfortable. I kept flipping from side-to-side, but my enlarged uterus/belly region is really cramping my sleep-style. I maybe slept 3-4 hours. It was miserable. Today is going to require a nap, for sure (Thank goodness it’s Spring Break)!
  • I’ve also had extremely dry skin lately, too! When I wake up in the mornings my lips are almost cracked because they’re so chapped. And I’ve also developed dandruff for the first time in my life (but some dandruff shampoo has worked wonders). There’s all this “bad” stuff about pregnancy no one ever told me about before I got pregnant. How is it kept a secret!?


  • My acne (and chacne) still hasn’t gone away. I thought this was a temporary thing that would resolve when my hormones balanced out a little?? No idea how long its going to last, but its definitely a drag!
  • My belly button officially looks like the Grand Canyon. I never knew this could happen, either? I always thought that it remained “normal” and gradually became more and more shallow until becoming an “outtie.” But somehow my belly button has actually grown deeper (maybe because my stomach is growing larger???) I have to take special care to clean and wash it when I shower. It’s so weird.

Even with the “bad” and “ugly,” this little growing belly bump makes me smile!